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by:GF bags     2019-09-16
It was the time of the year.
With the university re-opening in a few days, students are hitting the mall to remodel their wardrobes.
But for those students who want to take a new look with a small budget, shopping in the mall may not always be the most popular option.
There are several places offering a variety of clothes, accessories and bags at different price ranges, which is a paradise for shopaholics.
Here are some necessary lists.
Have something that will make you look stylish and stylish at any time.
Yes, there is light on the wallet. . .
From leather to bags of various synthetic materials, the bags have a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes.
They are essential for any wardrobe.
Whether it\'s a workaholic or a fashion queen --
Canvas bags will never be out of date.
They are convenient to carry and have various colors.
These bags are perfect for a lazy day in college.
Price range: Rs. 200-Rs. 250 -
Synthetic backpack is a great fashion way to not have to go through the pain of carrying a backpack
Side shoulder bag.
They hold on for a long time and have a lot of things.
Price range: Rs. 650-Rs.
700 accessories, whether it is a stylish ear case or a simple traditional bracelet, accessories are necessary to complete any appearance.
Pick one of these. . . -
Whether it\'s a shiny lehenga or a shiny gown, the ear sleeve is a must.
They add jazz to your face and light it up any night.
Price range: Rs. 100-Rs. 150 -
These long necklaces are simple and unique, and are suitable for both national and Western clothing.
Because they are metal, they look shiny and shiny.
Price range: Rs. 200-Rs. 250 -
These necklaces look great with national skirts and even sari.
Price range: Rs. 450-Rs.
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