GF Celebration Party

Gao Feng always pays attention to the high efficiency and high quality of production spirit, but also attaches great importance to feelings. Therefore, in order to welcome the coming of the new year, leave the “busyness” of the past year, store the “income” of the year, change into new clothes and put on a smile, everyone gathered together to toast 2019 and look forward to 2020.   

Looking back on the past year, with the joint efforts of all of you, GF has made brilliant achievements in 2019. Positive, harvest and win-win style are the pride of everyone.           

The growth and harvest of GF cannot be separated from the high contribution and cooperation of employees, suppliers and customers. Everyone present is the main role of the party. At this wonderful moment, we are honored to invite Andrew, a client from horizon studio, to celebrate with us. I believe he also feels the warmth of GF in a foreign country. Good moments are worthy to be recorded. The celebration feast is not only a feast of feasting and drinking, but also a stage for everyone to display their talents. Team dance, Tai Chi performance, personal solo, Chinese public square dancing. It was their wonderful performances that added a lot of laughter to the celebration. At the same time, in the era of win-win cooperation, we have also designed some wonderful and interesting activities, such as awards for excellent employees, lucky draw and so on. The atmosphere of applause and thunderous cheers made everyone feel at home.

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