German backpacker\'s $15,000 hearing aids and cochlear implant stolen near Rotorua

by:GF bags     2019-09-20
A deaf backpacker\'s cochlear implant and hearing aid, worth about $15,000, was stolen from a hot and cold pool near Rotorua.
Julia Ofele, 23year-
The old German five-man footballer took off her equipment to swim, but their bags stole about eight.
30 p. m. on February 7.
She only had the bikini she was wearing, the towels and the GoPro that fell from her bag.
\"We have no keys, no money, no passports.
Nothing, \"she said.
AA is called Ofele and her friends can get into their car and put on their clothes.
The police received an alarm and got a GoPro shot of the thief and his escape car number plate.
Ofele was born deaf and has been traveling in New Zealand since August.
Since coming to New Zealand, she has participated in the five-person Football Championship in Wellington and has met and stayed with other deaf people to visit Rotorua again for a walk at Tongariro Crossing, visit the Abel Tasman National Park.
\"In New Zealand, nature is very beautiful and most people are very friendly,\" she said . \".
It is easier for New Zealanders to accept different people.
\"But this is the second time she took something.
Her hearing equipment was stolen so she could not hear it.
The friend who traveled with her was not deaf and did not understand sign language, so the two had to write notes.
\"It\'s hard to communicate,\" she said . \".
\"It was good for me because I was born deaf and I used sign language.
Sign language is a beautiful language.
\"Eight days after no sound, she visited the hearing home in Auckland, a charity for deaf children and adults with cochlear implants and hearing aids.
She can borrow cochlear implants before replacing the device.
Ofele has health insurance and she is waiting to know if her cochlear implant is included.
\"It\'s good if they pay, but if that\'s not the case. . .
Brendan Keenan, District prevention manager of the rotolua Police, said police often received reports of theft from hot and cold and other tourist sites, especially those that were isolated.
\"Tourists may not know the dangers of hot spots.
Keenan said the tourists clearly saw the license plate in the stolen GoPro lens of Ofele.
\"We are still investigating and tracking leads with some strong suspects.
\"Anyone who finds a missing device or has any information is required to contact the Rotorua police.
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