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News contributed by Gaofeng bag factory is talking about men business briefcase, finish the reading if you're intrested in men bag.

Men briefcase, also known as business briefcase, is a narrow box-shaped bag used mainly for storing paper and other documents.

Lawyers often use men briefcases for their cases, businessmen and other professionals also use business briefcase for their laptops and important documents.

The earliest briefcases could be date back to the 14th century, when they were used to store money and valuables.

At the time it was called "budget", a combination of the Latin words "bulga" and "bolg".

Now, "budget" means "budget" in business.

Briefcase quality
  • Quality of a man's briefcase mainly depends on its structural design, material, workmanship, volume and cost performance. If you happen to be looking for man's briefcase factory, contact Gaofeng, one of men bag manufacturers rich in experience. Gaofeng is here to shed some lights on you regarding how to tell briefcase quality:

  • 1) Structure design of men briefcase

  • Briefcase structural design from bag factory is the most important, because it determines the practical, durable, convenient, comfortable and other aspects of bag performance.

  • The more functions briefcase has, the better briefcase is.Overall design should be simple and practical.

  • Whether a briefcase is comfortable or not, it is basically decided by design of carrying system, which is usually composed of a strap, a belt and a back pad. A comfortable bag should have a wider, thicker strap, a belt and a back pad that can be adjusted at will.

2)Material of men briefcase

 It includes two aspects: fabric and accessory of briefcase. Fabrics usually should have abrasion - resistant, tear - proof, waterproof and other characteristics. More popular are Oxford nylon cloth, polyester staple canvas, leather and leather,  PU leather, etc. Components of briefcase include waist fasteners, all zippers, shoulder and chest fasteners, cover and body fasteners, external fasteners, etc. These ring fasteners are usually made of metal and nylon and should be carefully selected with your eye.

3) Workmanship & size of men briefcase

It refers to suture quality of shoulder belt and inclusion body, between fabric, cover and inclusion body, etc., to ensure the necessary firmness of suture, the stitches should not be too large, too loose for men briefcase production. Size of men briefcase should be based on the content of work often engaged in by the individual, from the actual need to decide size of  package, the principle is better than small, big can pack dissatisfaction, small one can not pack all.

4) Price of men briefcase

Choose a package that meets your needs and is affordable according to your financial ability.

How to Buy a Briefcase?

A man's briefcase is not only a necessity to move papers and other items around, but also an important indicator of your personal style.

It's no more practical than a rucksack, a mail bag or a brown paper bag, but the look tells you a lot about your personality.

Don't follow trends.

A high-quality briefcase should last longer than any fad can take its place.

Stick to basic colors and styles.

Soft, shoulder - strap messenger bags are becoming more common.

It is easier to carry and carry things. While back may wrinkle your suit, it's still a good choice for working in the office or in a more casual environment.

A slightly dated briefcase gives you a dignified bearing for an older person demanding academic style or a career as a lawyer.

But in the hands of a young person it would be too sloppy. Young people who have just started work should buy a new briefcase and let it become more sophisticated with years of hard work.

Never go new in color: Black and brown are the eternal colors of a briefcase and go with everything.

With more and more office accessories available, there are many factors to consider when choosing a portfolio.

Your bag may need to match your laptop. Some suitcases come with detachable laptop bags inside.

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