Gaofeng Kick-off Meeting of Alibaba Shopping Festival

Gaofeng On August 26, 2020, all fellows from Gaofeng Bag Co., Ltd attend the kick-off meeting of the shopping festival through the whole September, which gathering more than eighty one companies in Longgang District, Shenzhen City.At the beginning, the commander of chief introduces the flow of this activity. We are concentrated on every step and carry it out in the best state. After that, all of us take part in the activity, which needs work in pairs using four hands to saw off sixty centimeters of wood. Although no need to saw the real wood, but it still needs pairs to cooperate with a continuous action for ten minutes. It really tests us a lot, but we win in the end.

Next, we write the goal of the shopping festival on the board, and then split it by palm. The boss is definitely the first one to try it. Our boss, Lynn Deng, is a femininity, but her determination and the inner force are no worse than the male. We are encouraged a lot, and all of us split it with confidence and determination superior to any others in only one chance.

Finally, each company goes to the stage to demonstrate team and personal goals. Our company, Gaofeng Bags Co., Ltd, shows great confidence and ambition. As our slogan saying, bravely scale the new heights. We firmly believe that we can reach the goal with 200% hard-work and proficient business skills. GO FOR IT!

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