Gaofeng Business team went out for a small study tour

This Wednesday, all members of the Gaofeng business team went out for a winter outing and spent a fulfilling and relaxing afternoon on the beautiful coast of Shenzhen.

This trip is a small study tour, the purpose is to let everyone feel the nature, feel the living, to achieve the purpose of relaxing the brain, maintain the happy mood, and achieving a balance between work, study and life.

During the trip, we encountered a small super-brand fashion exhibition on the coast. We went in and saw its fashion styles and learned some of their historical stories, some classic works, and current design concepts and innovative blueprints. We have also learned the cutting-edge technology and fashion of the bags & luggage industry, which has a certain inspiration for us to operate our own brand Jackie&Jill.

After watching the exhibition, we went around the entire park. All the employees talked and laughed, letting go of the tension at work, just immersed in it, relaxed and peaceful, we talked to each other which make the team cohesion improved.

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