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From Libya\'s migrant hell to Italy\'s handbag fashion world

by:GF bags     2019-09-09
From forced labor in Libya to founding members of Italian fashion startups --
Thanks to his scissors skills, Bassirou has made great progress in two years. The 26-year-
The old Bukina Faso is a star student for a new project aimed at training asylum seekers in one of Italy\'s most iconic crafts: at 15-
Bassirou has just become the first employee of a small company set up to turn the project into a self
Maintain risk.
\"This is a great opportunity,\" he said of his new career . \"
\"I did a little cutting and sewing at home, but it was made of cloth, not leather.
\"It\'s not easy at first, every little thing seems difficult, but after a certain point, you get the hang of it.
\"Bassirou left Bukina Faso in West Africa, and one of his partners was pregnant with two of his current children --year-
Daughter of 2015.
He said he fled because he feared that his life would be in chaos after a military coup in the poor former French colony.
Now, he is waiting for the result of his application for asylum in Italy, one of the last about 400 refugees --
The immigrants who came here were taken care of by Lai.
Managing social cooperatives in the EU-Mo
Leather Skills project funded in the small town of Rama di Renault near Bologna.
Bassirou said the decision to leave home was not easy, and if he knew that Libya was waiting for his horror, he might reconsider the decision, a starting point for most Africans trying to reach Europe. -
This is slavery.
The pictures of the shocking slave auctions that have recently taken place in this turbulent North African country are not surprising.
\"These are what really happened in Libya,\" Bassirou told AFPTV . \".
\"I tasted it.
They put us in jail.
At any time, they can always let us do forced labor, all kinds of work.
They never gave us enough food.
\"All of this is slavery,\" he said . \"
Bassirou endured these conditions for four months until the traffickers who controlled his fate finally put him on an inflatable boat full of more than 100 people.
After spending a lot of hard time at sea, most of the time praying that it would not sink, a British boat found a crowded boat.
\"At the moment we were rescued, there was some stampede to get off the bus and the boat started to go into the water.
Finally, they let everyone off the bus.
His memory is forever engraved with the date of March 20, 2016.
\"You won\'t forget these things easily,\" he said . \"
Now he dreams of being able to open his own shop, but his future life path is still uncertain, just like thousands of people in Italy\'s crowded reception center.
Few of them will benefit from the kind of support that helps Bassirou raise education to Italian high school level, and few will be distracted from the stress of living on the edge. \"Doing this (working)
\"You will have positive thoughts, not negative ones, and you are thinking that you will have a deal when you are done,\" he said . \". -
\"Return problem is not easy \"-
A total of 15 immigrants completed the first round of training, and 18 others, including Issa, a Bassirou\'s compatriot, have just started training. The 21-year-
Old tells the story of him in Libya.
\"I have friends who are still in the slave camp,\" Isa said . \".
After arriving in Italy, he got rid of the frustration and boredom of many asylum seekers and is now relieved.
\"Before I came here, I was in another house, sleeping all the time and doing nothing,\" he said . \".
\"I feel much easier now.
Me and (local)
Everyone and I are beginning to learn the language.
\"Not all apprentices can really aspire to the level of proficiency that Bassirou has achieved.
Due to the limited literacy and numeracy ability of some people, the basic concepts of measurement and geometry must be introduced first before cutting the course.
\"The goal is to provide people with the capabilities and skills they need to enter the Italian labor market, but if it is possible to return to their country of origin, Lai said
President Momo Andrei marchersini Reggiani
Lama Di Renault project is part of a broader project supervised by the Ethical Fashion Initiative run by the United Nations and WTO --
The International Trade Centre supported aims to create new economic opportunities in developing countries to help curb irregular migration.
People like Bassirou say coming home now is not an option they can consider.
Marchesini Reggiani acknowledged that given the risks, sacrifices and struggles involved in the journey of many migrants to Europe, the emphasis on voluntary repatriation could be problematic.
\"Of course, it is not easy to solve the return problem,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s important for us to give people skills.
Whether they can use them here or not, or whether they are refused to stay, they have a chance, say, an advantage.
\"Although it\'s clear that the ideal solution after they \'ve gone through the journey is to stay here, that\'s why we think it\'s so important to give people the skills to work and integrate.
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