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Found: Brown suede boots

by:GF bags     2019-08-31
Coclico brown suede leather boots with adjustable buckle straps.
358 Richmond Road613-695-
8733, Coclico uses Europe-
Leather and plant dyes instead of chemical dyes.
Green tree sales assistant Morgan Armstrong said the boots were designed by a French woman in New York with an international style
A family made in Spain. owned factory.
\"They built it.
\"They are also a functional boot in arch support,\" Armstrong said . \".
\"I can work in these eight hours at a time and they are very comfortable.
You will definitely get the fees you pay with them.
\"Boots and leggings go well with a thick sweater, but also smooth enough to look good with a skirt.
\"They are perfect autumn boots and can be worn in winter,\" Armstrong said . \".
They retail for $489.
But it is currently priced at $342. 99.
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