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former montreal city engineer gilles suprenant brought $122,800 to police

by:GF bags     2019-09-11
Six weeks ago, the retired municipal engineer, Giles suplant, walked into a meeting with police investigators with a small leather briefcase.
With $122,800 in cash, it is one of the keys to the corruption problem that has plagued Montreal for more than a decade.
\"I don\'t want it anymore.
I want to throw the money away because, as I said, I am always not at ease with the money.
It is full of bad memories, \"Suprenant said in the latest but most shocking statement published in the Quebec construction corruption investigation.
In general, white people who are hesitant
The white-haired former technocrats estimated that in nearly 20 years he had received a rebate of nearly $600,000 from the powerful Montreal construction company boss.
\"I have never done a complete accounting of it.
\"I have other things to do,\" he said . \"
But Suprenant is well aware of what his expectations are and uses his internal channels to help these companies win infrastructure contracts worth millions of dollars.
To this end, he exaggerated the cost estimate of the work in order to pay the necessary remuneration and rebates and send the bill to the city.
Earlier witnesses, former construction boss Lino Zambito, testified in the Commission that Suprenant was well known in the business world for asking for a cut in contract value of 1 cent in exchange for his services. Along with a 2.
The mafia cut by 5 percentage points, and the Montréal coalition party of the city mayor Gérald Tremblay cut by 3 percentage points, which is the cost of doing business and usually returns to health due to false expenses, this raises the price of city contracts.
Suprenant recalled that for the first time in 1991 he gave in to the will of a strong construction company.
A senior official in the city suggested that suprant meet with Frank Catania, as suprant estimated that a contract would cost $250,000, not less than $500,000.
He recalled what Catania told him: \"Those who stopped us from eating, we drove them away . \".
The engineer went back and revised his estimate, and Catania\'s company got the job, and soon after, suprente was called to a meeting where Catania handed him one full of about $4,000.
Counsel for the commission said they had identified 90 examples in which Suprenant was paid.
But while the description of the city engineer by the Zambian was a demanding instigator determined to be fired, supperant had made himself a victim, and he regretted it very much
The father of the divorced three children left the money at home, he said, which brought him a \"problem \".
\"He can\'t explain the source of wealth he earns about $80,000 a year in the city.
He also wants to keep a low profile and keep his quality of life before corruption.
So he started going to the casino to spend money with the aim of removing his guilt and putting the money back in the hands of the government, \"paying taxes,\" he said.
The game lost about $300,000.
Another $100,000 he lent to building owner Tony Conti was lost before he returned the cash.
At the end of the wonderful testimony of about two hours, commission officials took out a plastic bag containing the money he had submitted to police interrogators on August. 31.
He identified it and submitted it as an exhibition, as well as photos of him and other city engineers, Luc leclerco, who had dinner with Zambia to and other building types --
The cost of traveling to a Mexican resort.
Committee officials also took out eight days of transcripts in which the Zambian were implicated by provincial and municipal politicians, his former colleagues and industry rivals, and the highest class of the Montreal Mafia, allegedly, they coordinated a complex colluding program that kept a group of selected companies working and money for most of the decade.
Robert Abdullah, who served as Montreal\'s top bureaucrat from 2003 to 2006, was also named in Zambia\'s testimony on October.
Accused of earning $300,000 in personal profit from Zambia\'s current sewer contract
The company, which has closed down, won.
Abdallah, who later worked for the owner of the Montreal construction company, allegedly cheated Tony AKSO, who said he had never taken a penny from anyone and accused Zambia of spreading unconfirmed lies
\"Some people hate me and some love me,\" Abdullah said . \".
\"I think I did something that made him angry.
\"Abdullah provided a thick stack of official documents showing the bidders for the specific contract in Zambia referred to in his testimony, it shows that both his activity time and his alleged expenses for projects beyond the budget add up to nothing.
\"What I\'m going to talk about today is the truth.
\"Tell me where they are fake,\" he said . \". “(Zambito)
Tell you what others tell you.
Abdallah\'s name has been in the news for several years.
He gave up his height.
In June 2006, two years before his contract was completed, he worked in the city.
In 2008, he started working for a company in Accurso.
Between the two jobs, he applied for the presidency of Port Montreal and won the support of Prime Minister Stephen Harper\'s Conservative government.
Dimitri souudas, Harper\'s spokesman and Quebec consultant, was a supporter, although Abdullah said the two had never discussed his candidacy.
During the 2011 federal campaign, the recording of the telephone conversation surfaced, in which Accurso and another businessman, Bernard Poulin, talked about how best to ensure that Abdullah got the job
They agreed that sodas would be the best fit to bid and if everything went as planned they would discuss the kickbacks from sodas.
Now working for the Canadian Olympic Committee, Soudas denied at the time that he had received any return because he touted the federal government, the preferred candidate for the City of Monterey.
He also said he had \"never\" spoken to AKSO or Poulin about Abdullah\'s candidacy \"in his life.
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