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‘Forbes’ Releases 2014 List Of Most Punchable CEOs

by:GF bags     2019-09-12
Forbes published its annual list of the world\'s 100 most prominent CEOs on Thursday, including a short career summary and an estimated net number of some of the most successful and outstanding business leaders.
According to their scope of influence, public image, annual income and general appearance, the 2014 list provides readers with a numbered ranking of top corporate executives from all over the world, the ranking is based on how comforting it is to nail them together with a solid kidney injection or a hard poke at the mouth.
\"There are pioneers and influential executives from different industries on this year\'s list who almost all ask to be hit, hit, or tripped when they walk into an important board meeting, \"Forbes editor Randall Lane said he added that the 100 CEOs, who collectively run trillions of dollars worth of business, should all be hit hard in the sun, it makes them double forward and breathe the air
\"Just like the ranking every year, we sat down and really looked at the question at hand: Which international business leader we would like to see most painfully covering our noses, blood flowed into their white Italian shirt?
\"The Forbes editorial board has considered hundreds of candidates and, frankly, it is difficult to narrow down the list to just 100,\" Lane continued . \".
\"But we are confident that when the reader goes through the bios and looks at shit --
Eat These asshole smiles and they will want to put every one of them in their stomachs.
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison topped Forbes for the second year in a row, followed closely by BP\'s Bob Dudley, Amazon\'s Jeff Bezos, General Electric\'s AOL Tim Armstrong, and Rupert Murdoch of News Corp.
Ryan told reporters that the overall list includes executives from the finance, technology, energy, media and pharmaceutical industries, emphasizing that selected CEOs have a wide range of influence in the business and political fields, everyone is in urgent need of a company just as they are about to get from a cup of hot coffee.
According to Lane, the top industrialists on the list are barely separated, and all of them are equally satisfied with any hook on their chin, pull the tie and clobber on the side of the face with a closed fist or glass paperweight, or walk down the stairs and watch happily as their $1,200 bag flies up the sky frantically.
Forbes also highlighted Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs.
Page communication, think 59-year-
The old capitalist was actually begging to be pressed on the ground, and his face was rubbed by a pile of shit when he frantically threw his arm away and screamed.
\"Over the past decade, we \'ve seen an ongoing trend, young CEOs, that you want to hold your chest with your knees, hold your wrists, and force yourself to hit your face, \"Lane said, he pointed out, 29-year-
Facebook\'s old CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, jumped seven places from last year\'s list because Forbes editors imagined he would tie his hands behind his back, he hit him for 20 minutes in a row with the ruthless clothes he had been wearing.
\"There are a few people --and-
Unfortunately, the name that didn\'t qualify came this time, but, if by this time next year, the thought of getting them so cold, their eyes would get swollen, and keep the swelling for a few days, don\'t be surprised.
\"There\'s only one free shot you can put all the weight into,\" Lane added . \" He closed his eyes and walked slowly with an imaginary haymaker.
\"It\'s on the fucking face.
Ryan confirmed that all 100 CEOs will be included in Forbes\'s upcoming list of the world\'s most charismatic people, which will be about 80,000 long.
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