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florida high school students use mandatory transparent backpacks to protest gun violence

by:GF bags     2019-09-26
\"This fashion backpack may be more valuable than my life.
\"So, one of Carmen Lo\'s tweets said that it was one of the many Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School students who, after handing out transparent backpacks to the school\'s 3,300 students on Monday,
The backpack is part of a new safety measure implemented by Parklands School, where 17 people were shot dead and 17 others were injured on February. 14.
Read more: The Florida high school lieutenant general, who killed 17 people by gunmen, asked students to carry clear backpacks. Florida Senator Marco Rubio criticized guns for \"hypocrisy\"
The controlling stanceStoneman Douglas students who participated in the Toronto march against gun violence thanked social media, especially international support on Twitter, and many Stoneman Douglas students were showing off their backpack hackers, or the way they manage to personalize their new schoolbag.
Many students make a statement with their new backpack, inferring that trying to reduce gun violence with a transparent plastic backpack is ridiculous and insulting to some.
A student wrote on a piece of paper he showed from his backpack: \"transparent backpack is stupid . \".
$1 was attached to others.
Some students used to protest the price tag of Florida Senator Marco Rubio.
\"When you take 3,140,167, the number of students enrolled in the Florida school, divided by $3,303,355, the money Marco Rubio received from the National Rifle Association, turned out to be $1.
On March 24, student Sarah Chadwick said in a speech in Washington, D. C. , \"a parade for our lives.
Others point out, however, that the new backpack may attract unwanted attention to personal items.
In this case, some humor was seen by other students.
One of the dream island leaders, Alex Feng, posted a video on Twitter.
Oprah Winfrey
This clearly refers to Oprah\'s famous practice of giving expensive items to viewers on her daytime talk show.
Another student drew a pair of crying eyes on his backpack marked in red and blue with the words \"prisoner 0612074413 \".
This number is not random, though.
It\'s actually her student number.
Another enterprising student used his ads to promote the fact that he was in the market.
A piece of paper in the backpack wrote: \"I am single . \".
Of course, all the hats.
There is another outstanding student, Jaclyn Corin.
Activists, March for Our Lives.
Her pin.
\"Thousands of transparent backpacks have been donated to MSD. . .
Unfortunately, they should be sent to a school that actually needs supplies.
But since we were stuck there, I decided to make the most of the situation & decor! ! ” she tweeted.
In response, Steph Thompson, president of Stoneman Douglas, wrote on Twitter, \"Thank you for embracing it, Jackie.
We will make adjustments as needed.
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