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Finmin \'quarantined\' from today as Budget-making exercise begins

by:GF bags     2019-09-12
The Central Reserve Police Force will protect the ministry at all entry points north block in New Delhi, where the Ministry of Finance is located, starting today and until the budget is submitted, it will be \"isolated \".
With this, the Treasury will be open to visitors and the media as it prepares the BJP
The last budget of the NDA government.
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will announce the interim budget on February 1.
Temporary budget or vote-on-
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the election year --
From April to June, the leading government sought approval from parliament for three months of spending.
Full budget of £ 2019
The new government will be elected after the election.
To keep the entire budget secret, the North Block will be protected like the gold in Fort Knox, although many question the secrets of this time and time budget.
During the \"isolation\" period, access to all entry and exit points of the ministry will be controlled by security personnel under the supervision of intelligence agencies.
While the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) will defend the ministry at all access points, intelligence agency (IB) personnel, assisted by the Delhi police, will take over the building, keep an eye on the movements of those who enter the budget officer\'s roommaking process.
\"For the sake of secrecy,\" Treasury officials and other staff members do not meet with tourists during quarantine.
If an officer invites someone to his or her office budget --
Relevant work, issue a pass signed by a senior official to facilitate entry. \"A senior official of the ministry said.
However, the actual \"isolation\" began in the past 10 days or so, when some staff members of the department would be completely isolated from the outside world.
IB will continue its roundthe-
In the next two months, the building will be monitored by the clock.
\"Initially, security will be deployed outside the rooms of senior officials such as the secretary and the Joint Secretary.
Slowly, housing officials in about 20 rooms involved in the drafting and printing of the budget were included in the security.
\"The CRPF jawans who defend the rooms will keep a list of people who are allowed to enter the rooms,\" another official said . \".
\"Security will be strengthened in January, closer to the last day when the printing of budget documents begins,\" another official said, adding that there will be more deployments in the place, including the deployment of Delhi Police.
When the budget starts, \"all computers will be scanned to find any errors or viruses.
\"Computers and mobile phones will be continuously monitored by IB,\" the official said . \".
The intelligence agency has set up an exchange center within the building.
The mobile phone will have spammers installed, while the scanners at the entry and exit points will specifically ensure that no one has a pen drive or any other copy device with them.
Finance ministers held several meetings with secretaries and experts during December and January.
After the drafting of the budget, in the last week of January, after the traditional \"halva\" ceremony, it began printing.
About 15-printing
Strange documents, including financial bills and appropriations bills, were completed in the last 10 days before the budget was submitted.
Two of the most \"secret\" documents
Financial bill with tax proposal and FM speech on new plan
Is the last person to report to the media, which is located in the basement of the Ministry of Finance, \"said a senior Treasury official involved in the budget --Do sports.
In the past few days, the department\'s Internet connection and telephone lines have been snapped up until the budget comes out.
The real \"isolation\" began in the last ten days of January, when the budget documents began to be printed.
The printing press area for printing budget documents will be \"quarantine \".
About 100 employees participating in the budget
The production process will be carried out within the department.
During this period, you are not allowed to go out or use mobile phones, the internet or social media.
Immediate family members can only make emergency calls on the monitored landline.
Considering the safety issue, the printing press was transferred to the Ministry of Finance in 1980.
Until 1950, the budget documents were printed in Rashtrapati Bhawan before.
After the leak, the media was transferred to mint Road and subsequently to the north block.
Earlier, the media had printed about 13,000 budgets.
In the digital age, the number of copies is declining.
\"We have been printing about 2,500 sets of budget documents since the last few years,\" an official said . \".
The signature leather briefcase carried by the Minister of Finance has been a symbol of the budget for many years and is a legacy of Raj in the UK.
\"Budget\" originated in the French word \"baguette\", meaning \"small bag \".
For more than 150 years, the Chancellor of the UK has used the Budget bag to deliver his speech.
Including the briefcase of FM\'s speech, guiding the direction of the government\'s economic policy, which was carried to Parliament by FM, who read out a budget speech in Parliament.
Modi government abandoned the British
The time practice of submitting a budget on the last day of February continues the legacy of FM carrying a budget briefcase, a symbol of secrecy.
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