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female backpackers decapitated while hiking in morocco: source

by:GF bags     2019-09-23
Three men were arrested after two female backpackers were brutally beheaded in Morocco.
The women were found dead in tents.
Apparently they were massacred late Monday while skiing near Imlil village in the Atlas Mountains.
Luisa limperson, 24, from Denmark and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway, has been camping and backpacking for a month --
At the time of the tragedy, a long adventure took place in North Africa. One witness —
Who asked not to be identified-
In an interview with world news of Morocco, the women were \"found beheading\", although the police did not confirm this \".
Their bodies were found 11 km metres from the nearby village.
Three suspects were reportedly from Marrakech, camping in the same location as two victims.
\"The suspect is camping in the same area where the murder occurred,\" a source told Morocco World News . \".
\"Witnesses saw the group when they went to the camp at night.
Detectives quickly locked in the so-called killer who took their pictures on CCTV at the village store.
One of the men allegedly left his ID card at the crime scene.
Ueland\'s mother told NRK, a Norwegian broadcaster, that her daughter was a \"passionate and dedicated person \".
The heartbreaking mother told NRK that \"Her priority is safety . \".
\"The girls have taken all precautions before starting this trip.
Both women love outdoor activities and learn new cultures.
They met at a university in southeast Norway and soon became friends.
The place where they were murdered was a popular tourist destination and a stop on the hipster trail.
Bhunter @ postmedia.
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