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favourite haunts of \'high street princess\' kate middleton

by:GF bags     2019-08-30
Thanks to the bride, London has begun to swing again. and princess-to-
Kate Middleton
Her every move was captured by millions of people.
Where is she shopping, where is she shopping, what to eat and drink.
Although the couple lived
Part time)
In a farmhouse rented in north Wales, Middleton and Prince William may move to London\'s Kensington Palace sometime in the future.
Middleton spent a long time in London.
Especially now the divorce ceremony is still a month away.
It is mainly located in trendy neighborhoods in South Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Mayfair, all close to Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace.
Through and through the \"Sloan Ranger \"(
She is a pre-school student in the United States.
In the most traditional sense)
She has created an image that is nothing but flashy.
It\'s a barrier-free look, not a premium fashion (
Although, as Bridget Jones said, it is likely to change after she becomes the final \"smug married person).
The Middleton family owns the party supply business and often visits chain stores and discount stores.
She also had no choice in dining. exotic.
She does like cocktails and often goes to clubs that cater to the style of \"trustafarian.
But although they may be called private clubs, they are not really private clubs, which means you just have to look at the section (
Or the Prince\'s girlfriend)
Through the velvet rope.
This is a guide to some of her favorite parties.
Middleton is called \"Princess high street\" and on high street we are talking about the kind of mainstream chain stores you find in the mall.
There are many streets in London, but the shopping street for Middleton is King\'s Road. Long ago, it bid farewell to the roots of punk and hippie, but the WHO of a contemporary British fashion boutique, starting at Sloane Square in Duke square of slo, heading west to Bluebird Cafe.
Middleton and her family have been loyal clients of celebrity barber Richard Ward for years (
The TV celebrity posted a \"news statement\" on his website congratulating the happy couple and confirming it was \"enhanced\" by one of his stylists on the engagement news day.
New, pedestrian hair stylist salon-
The Friendly outdoor mall at Duke square of Friendly is of course luxurious, and each stylist station has its own boutique, cappuccino bar and Philip Stark mirror.
Customers are definitely upscale.
You can imagine wearing the camel coat and jeans in the boots and Todd handbags. A blow-
You will be refunded $105 (U. S. )
On the current exchange
But it may be worth it for Middleton\'s soft waves. An hour-
Velvet hand nails cost $114.
For Poles, only the light pink princess rules of OPI will do so.
Where did she buy scallops?
The edge ivory shirt she wore in her engagement photo, the shopping center in front of King\'s Road.
The brand is a bit of a Madewell, not sexy but sweet.
For spring, this means
Pink fluorescent knife-pleat skirt ($154), a black tie-
Shoulder suit ($406)
And the lucky horse print shirt ($138). Next door is L. K.
Bennett, the fashion icon in training, is her smart kitten heels. The round-toe, 21/2-
Inch Sabira high heels are similar to Christian Louboutin\'s simple ones, but only a fraction of the price is $147. L. K.
Bennett reminds people of Ann Taylor. makeover—lots of office-
Proper pencil skirt and women\'s polka dot shirt (both $203)
And a conservative silk jersey ($300)
And the Diamond handbag ($276).
Located at the West End of Duke of York Square, London\'s jigsaw puzzle is Middleton\'s place as an accessory buyer in 2007.
It\'s cute with J.
The appeal of the crew and the bohemian.
For spring, it means a $57 Breton striped shirt, a $80 T-shirt
Silk Rose shirt, metal dress ($317)
And some cool ones.
It looks like the hunter is wearing a distressed look. (
Despite Middleton\'s bravery in her trusted suede Aquatalia boots. )
The rest of the accessories are a little dim, including fabric bead necklaces, Rafiya hand bags and woven Peto ($89 to $479).
Across the street from Reiss, Middleton wore a smooth cream dress in her engagement photo.
This is an old style (the bride-to-
Apparently raiding her closet for the photo meeting of Mario Tesino, not the crazy shopping)
But after the photos came out, the customer\'s demand surged and the dress was re-issued.
Reiss is very similar to Monaco club, Super
Stylish modern clothing in the style of Celine and Jil Sander, such as a purple silk top with fluid sleeves ($185), an A-
Suede skirt ($365)
Royal blue silk trousers ($195)
Sandals with slopes ($295).
Back on King\'s Road at Sloane Square, Peter Jones is a hit for the Middleton family
Go to department stores(
In fact, when I was chatting with the salesman, she told me that Kate\'s sister Pippa was in the store that morning. )
The store feels like Macy\'s or Bloomingdale\'s, with some of the same brands found on the street, as well as a selection of designers including British accessories brand Mulberry.
Maybe this is where Middleton often picks up the postman lock.
Kate and her mother Carol were spotted browsing the post in January.
The holiday sale racks in the store led to speculation that the royal couple might have a small gift --
Peter Jones\'s registry of close friends. (
They issued a statement to the public asking for charitable donations to replace gifts. )
If this is true, they will definitely record some time on the home accessories floor and have a look at the Orla Kiely sheets ($71 to $102), seven-
Custom-made curtains, Nespresso coffee machine ($356)
And the Beatles throw pillows ($81).
I was told that Middleton did not need any porcelain, although plates and tanks to commemorate the royal wedding were sold in the store.
The bigger attraction is Peter Jones\'s hat division, where one of Middleton\'s favorite women\'s hats, Whiteley Fischer, collects feathers and floral stylesabout $290).
You may remember that her famous sexy black beret was produced by a hat manufacturer who has been in business for 60 years.
Another source of Middleton\'s rich hat costume is Philip trisie, who will design wedding hats for royal family members.
His salon is located east of Sloane Square on Elizabeth Street, along a retail store that can meet the various needs of Princess brides --
Jenny Parkham of the gown, Peggy Posen of the cake, Allegra Hicks on the cover of The Honeymoon Beach --ups.
In Tracy\'s store, floral headbands range from $487 to $1,300, along with premium custom products such as the Silver Star burst cap in the window designed for Grace Jones. Can run well to thousands of people.
Walk north to Knightsbridge on Sloane Street and you will pass through the stationery and leather shop Smythson from Middleton leather source
Wedding diaries and Harvey Nichols, a high-end department store ).
Hot silk jersey
Dress for BCBG and Issa.
Beauchamp square is a trendy street, only a few blocks past Haros department store on Brompton Road, one of Princess Diana\'s stamping grounds and the residence of Kate Middleton.
In January, it was rumored that British designer Bruce Oldfield was designing her wedding dress when Middleton was spotted walking out of the Beauchamp square boutique with her mother and sister.
Although olderfield, who designed wedding dresses for Prime Minister\'s wife Samantha Cameron, was considered too old by many royal observers --
As a tailor\'s school, his windows are filled with a style suitable for young brides, including a tight lace on Middleton\'s iconic figure --
A conscious silhouette
Middleton also loves bargains. on Kensington Street, just a few blocks from Kensington Palace, there is the British version of TJ Maxx TK Maxx.
Middleton reportedly likes to turn over and over the shelves of Lanvin sandals last season.
$291, below $991)
Valentino top ($242 from $731)
Alexander McQueen gown (
$761, $2,567).
Maybe she could send a valet to check out the latest \"designer tag \". \" As if.
Middleton is a habit in dining.
She loves bluebirds, where rich people wear their fur vests and eat wild flavors on bannidik eggs and burgers.
The Bluebird Hotel is located in a front garage and actually has two restaurants, a gourmet grocery store and a clothing boutique with Azzedine Alaia, Marni, Phillip Lim and more.
On her 29 th birthday, she had dinner with Pippa\'s sister at Tom Aiken, a modern French restaurant in South Kensington, where the French waiter had a heavy accent and you just nodded with a smile.
Creative food from tomatoes to tomatoes
Not truffle custard.
The price is steep (
Dinner for two for $390)
But the more casual Tom\'s Kitchen next door is, the cheaper it is (same owner)
It\'s also Kate and Prince\'s favorite.
Kate joins her future stepmother. in-
Camilla Parker Bowles recently attacked the Kaufman hotel at the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge at lunch, which drew the helmet-
A hair lady of a certain age and three men-
The suit that enters through the discreet side door.
For diners who want to experience the modern culinary revolution in Britain, this is not a place (
Traditional French, chef Pierre Koffmann helps you).
Kate and Camilla had rabbit liver and foie gras.
Black pudding is also on the menu.
When Middleton wants to relax, she will not go to Soho\'s exclusive house like Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew\'s daughter.
Instead, she hit clubs like Boujis and Mahiki with velvet ropes at the tiki bar in downtown Mayfair. (
Nightclub manager Guy Perley, a rogue friend of the Prince, has been involved in managing five clubs in London, including Mahiki and his latest adventure, in the City of Kings Road. )The tropical-
The Mahiki theme restaurant serves local rum from Barbados and plays classic rock music.
The cocktail list includes Guinness cocktail and Coconut Grenades (
Made with real coconut)
There is also a $203 Treasure Chest with rum, brandy, peach liqueur, lime and sugar on top of a bottle of Moet & Chandon.
Of course, once Middleton officially enters the Royal bubble, she may not have a more free night.
Then maybe Bailey can open his next club in the Kensington Palace.
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