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Fashion; Handbag Renaissance, With Visual Appeal

by:GF bags     2019-09-08
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1990 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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Women sometimes go out in public with strange sexy items.
These can be small jewelry cases, small lizards.
A skin envelope, a small rainbow-colored silk bag or a shiny sequined metal ball.
What do they contain? Don\'t ask -
The important thing is the charming luster outside.
Of course, they should end up with a satisfactory snapshot.
Both day and night, handbags have added fashion significance as the trend of clothing continues to be weak and unorganized.
Compared to the spare lines of the classic black shirt, the smart structured package can send out surprising personalized notes.
Although the clothes were soft, the handbag almost turned into architectural style, like Christian Lacroix\'s turquoise bag, with a golden frame similar to a rolling relief on the facade of the building, or the black silk faille bag of Paloma Picasso, looks like a detail of the Moroccan mosque.
Advertising some of the most eye-catching handbags is expensive, but they can add luster in the coming years.
Some quality accessories will help a woman to wear better than to wear.
Ads like 50 and 60
\"Vintage handbags are back,\" said Ronald Price, president of Artbag, a store on Madison Avenue and 64 th Street specializing in the production of custom handbags and classic replicas.
\"In the wind, it\'s like 50 and early 60,\" he said . \".
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According to the Hermes prototype version, Price launched an active business in the \"baby kelly\" package for $400 in pure black leather and $850 in lizard prices.
Maybe the Disco is a little out of date unless it\'s Italian designer Franco moscino who launched light blue suede lint baby Kelly in the middle
March on Saks Fifth Avenue
Diffusion of Chanel-
The type of handbag can lead to some paradox.
For example, among the many reproductions, including the version sold by Chanel\'s lawyer Karl Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld), a street vendor who has been vigorously pursuing, and recently, I started showing Chanel belt bags at fashion shows, essentially imitating the fashion of street vendors.
Should the supplier sue?
For spring, Chanel offers two small crocodile bags of almost the same size.
But one is $5,300 and the other is $1,300.
More expensive is the belly of the crocodile, the other is the back of the crocodile.
A declaration package does not need to be too expensive.
Young Brazilian designer Roberto Vasco, who now lives in New York, has successfully achieved high
Fashion look for medium prices using a variety of printing and etching methods of leather.
Some are like snake skins or crocodiles;
Other people use paper
Transfer technology for printing flowers or ethnic patterns.
His handbag was sold in the store on Columbus Avenue, 68 th Street, at prices ranging from $35 to $80, and many went well day to night.
A version of this article was printed on page 1001052 of the National edition on February 25, 1990 with the title: fashion;
Handbag renaissance, full of visual charm.
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