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Fashion firms dither over instant shopping on the catwalk

by:GF bags     2019-09-01
PARIS (Reuters)-
Fashion brands may be attracted to young smartphones.
Waving shoppers but having a millennial
There is only a trend of inspiration that is slowly gaining popularity: the catwalk shows that clothes can be purchased immediately, not months later.
The timing of product decline is becoming an experimental battlefield for luxury companies, who are constantly meeting the demand for novelty, and the long manufacturing cycle required to make luxury fabrics or handcrafts
Sewing handbags.
The UK\'s sang mulberry is the latest label to introduce the \"look now, buy now\" model
Remove the usual six.
Delay month for delivery of runway series to store-
Two years ago, Burberry accepted the idea and let competitors talk about it.
However, even if the brand takes other steps to modernize, more frequent collections, not just twice a year, and people still have doubts about its benefits, it is far from being the industry standard.
Known for its leather handbags made in southwest England, sang mulberry, the strategy should boost sales of full-priced goods and extend their store hours before the seasonal clearance period, chief executive Andreita said.
Linen suits launched during London fashion week last Friday have already started selling, while most brands still show spring/summer styling in September and deliver around 3.
\"We make luxury goods related to the younger generation,\" Andreita said in an interview a few weeks before the show . \".
\"Once they find something online, they want to buy it immediately.
In most cases, if it is not there. . .
They won\'t wait a few months.
\"But some early adopters of\" look now, buy now \", such as the United StatesS. -
Designer Tom Ford found it backfire.
Ford lost one.
In 2017, the concept became popular, and industry media quoted him as saying that his label was lost in a month\'s sale, while clothes were already stored in the warehouse before the show.
\"Someone was tempted by this pattern and refused,\" said Eve Corrigan of Paris.
Headquartered in Malhia Kent, the business produces fabrics for Chanel, LVMH\'s Louis Vuitton and other brands.
One challenge is to keep the sales speed after the \"instant\" series goes live and after the initial rush.
Burberry has adjusted the format at the recent show, providing some items, such as 350-pound ($490)
Rainbow Sneakers
Color checks are sold immediately and others will land in the coming months.
The twist took place in Moncler, a manufacturer of 1,000 euros in Italy.
Coupled with the dolphin jacket, the usual fashion calendar is completely abandoned for the monthly product launch.
Later on Tuesday, it will announce the design under the new strategy ahead of Milan fashion week and plans to start selling the first designs in June.
Depends to a large extent on the brand\'s desire and business model
Including whether to own most of their stores like sang mulberry, which means they are less dependent on the needs and orders of intermediaries such as department stores.
In order for the instant shopping model to work, fashion companies must order textiles before the performance is premised and get early feedback from commercial buyers so that they can avoid the risk of build-up of unsold stocks.
But many people think that designers need to do the last thing freely.
The slight changes before the show run with their emotions.
\"Our customers tend to lower prices.
\"Key costumes will be sold, which will be detrimental to their creativity,\" Corrigan said . \".
From Christine Dior in France (part of LVMH) to Gucci in Italy owned by Kaiyun, top fashion companies have so far resisted this instant runway --to-shop model.
Laurent garrigg of London said: \"It is wise for us to question the facts of the way we work
Luxury textile manufacturers. “(But)
We have to make sure that fashion does not become less beautiful because it is organized in an easier way --
It\'s about blood, sweat and tears.
Blood, sweat, tears . \"
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