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fall fashion preview: what will be hot

by:GF bags     2019-09-19
Every year, women browse fashion magazines in September, such as fashion, Bazaar, W, Elle, Mary Claire, etc.
They are usually the biggest problems of the year, and magazines are competing for cover models and advertising revenue.
What\'s this year?
Ruth Fried land, senior editor Styleite.
Let the \"Early Show\" audience know about some of the top fashion trends you\'ll see this fall.
Why is the September issue so important to the magazine?
Fredland said this was the case throughout the season.
She explained, \"there are more outfits besides spring fashion, and it\'s all big --ticket items.
Hats, boots, jackets and trousers.
In addition, everyone is ready to open a new page.
We were programmed from an early age and the school would start.
Like an adult. up back-to-School shopping.
It is likely that women will see these trends in the September issue this year, Fredland said: 1.
Inspired style: you will see a lot of army green and camels.
Many practical styles look more like big and tall boots that belong to your dad than you.
And the cross messenger bag.
Body bag and windbreaker. 2.
All animals: animal prints, animal fur, leather and bird feathers are the hot trends we see on the runway this season.
The premiere of the fourth season of \"Mad Men\" 3: animal printing fashion.
\"Mad Men in advertising\": it\'s late in her 50 s and early in her 60 s.
Red lips, kitten high heels, plump skirt, affordable handbags in your hand.
Very tailored suit.
Also, look for a top with a collar with a tie on it.
For more information on the importance of September fashion, please click on the video below. }
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