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by:GF bags     2019-09-15
In the tribe that lives in niligiles, todas is probably the most unique.
Every aspect of their lives
Language, clothing, craft, worship, and even their home (half-
Bucket cabin made of bamboo)—
There has been little change for centuries.
However, under the impact of modernity, this unique culture is on the verge of extinction.
Part of the tribal culture weaving is the complex embroidery of their puthukulli shawl, which was awarded the famous GI label last month.
Women have been taught sophisticated shawl weaving techniques since childhood.
Puthukulli similar to Scandinavian embroidery is an era
Consumption and Labor
Intensive process.
Based on the complexity of the design, the price of puthukulli is between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 7,000.
Today, Todas uses traditional embroidery for other items such as wall hanging, table mats, shoulder bags and shopping bags, but these items are also expensive.
Therefore, it is difficult to sell these products.
Earlier, tourists bought shawls as souvenirs.
\"But now demand has fallen,\" sighed Sarasamma, Ms. Toda of Thannadu Mund.
The decline in demand can also be attributed to changes in Toda\'s lifestyle.
First, munds are disappearing.
The front is decorated with a rock mural-the art of Toda.
In addition to the cottage, Dortmund has another small-door building called Tirierl or dairy temple.
\"The new generation prefers to live in a cement house rather than in a bamboo house,\" said Mohan, head of mutnard Mond.
In addition, the shortage of building materials is also a deterrent.
Todas is traditionally pastoral, but they have been engaged in agriculture and other occupations in recent times.
\"We were allowed to graze Buffalo in the forest even during British rule, but now we are deprived of that right,\" A. sighed.
Sataraji is the chief of Toda and a member of the Tamil Nadu Tribal Council.
A survey conducted in 2010
In a survey conducted by the Ooty tribal Research Center, the population of Toda was 1608.
Will Todas and their eccentric traditions survive the torrent of technological and geographic change?
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