easy diy transforming purse-backpack

by:GF bags     2019-09-25
If you\'re like me, you\'re tired of buying things, using it for a few months and then it crashes and you need to buy a new one.
This is the story of me and my fashion backpack.
They are all made of this very easy-to-tear material, which can only last a part of a semester at best before I need new material.
I began to realize that the wallet was used to carry small things, but it was limited on long trips, while the backpack was used for long trips, but it was easy to tear, so I guess why not combine the two?
I \'ve been hiking with this backpack/wallet and it\'s longer than any of my backpacks so I thought I \'d tell you how to make a backpack!
It was very simple. it took me less than 20 minutes to finish it.
It may be worth it if you are lying around with an old bag and see if it can be used as your new backpack.
See how it is done!
What we need is: a pack of extra cloth (Old belt?
Old backpack strap?
The rest? )
A needle and a pair of scissorsBack clips (
The smaller the better)A candle (optional)
Put these two pieces together.
Then you pull the outside clip \"handle\" and pull it open.
It should be the last photo here.
Measure the bottom of your bag and see where you want to stick the strap
This is a guess job as you are unlikely to have a bag of the same size and shape as me.
I cut me around 5 inch.
Then I took out a candle and lit it and scorched the end of the strap so that it would not be used a lot later.
This is important for plastic fabrics, but if you are using cotton, you want to fold the end under your own (hem it)
Sew by folding the fabric to avoid wear and tear.
If you use leather, you don\'t have to worry about it, but it\'s a hard needle.
:/Then I manually stitch the bottom of the strap to the bag (
The bottom of the strap is one side without clips).
Starting from here, you just need to stitch a little around the longer handle, enough to keep it from slipping, and enough to put it under a little pressure or weight.
Keep putting the straps on the bottom so that the new straps we are sewing can be fixed.
Then stitch around the longer metal handle of the flapClip.
After that, be sure to tie the line and cut it off.
You\'re done!
I just wanted to show you how this clip works and assure you that as far as I can tell it won\'t slide, it won\'t grab anything and there won\'t be any problems.
So here\'s a small gif that shows you how to unlock it and re-clasp it.
Very good, very simple.
This is another gif that shows how it works. You\'re done! Enjoy!
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