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don\'t spend £1,000 on an it-bag - snap up a £35 copycat. this seasons \'stealth wealth\' bags can be mimicked with surprising ease

by:GF bags     2019-08-21
At first glance, the Chloe Faye package did not attract much attention.
The leather colored flap, with the exception of a metal ring and chain, has no decoration at all.
Still, Faye Wong is It-
The bag at the moment, seen by women around the world shaking carefully from the shoulders of celebrities such as Rossi Huntington, asks loudly --
Whitley, Suki Waterhouse and Kate betkinsel.
How the times change
Ten years ago, there would be a huge pair of this ideal handbag.
Gucci logo or a gorgeous LV letter pattern printed on it. Today\'s It-
The package is a different prospect.
They are not notable, so they are called the \"invisible wealth\" package: Expensive, yes, but no facts are published.
People have seen obvious brands or signs in the past few seasons --
Low heavy bag
Key and low key, says Charlie gaowans
Eglington, fashion editor for glaziya magazineThe latest must
The rich are equally luxurious, but more subtle.
To get to know them, you need to get to know them and make the women who buy them feel like they are part of the club.
The lack of compelling brands means new It --
For the commercial street, it is much easier to copy luggage at a more reasonable price. Here\'s the low-
On the ideal bag of the moment
Where can the rest of us get a more affordable version. . .
Chloe Faye, £ 1,190, this is the most popular fashion set
Since its debut on Chloe\'s spring/summer 2015 show, it has been a bag.
Faye Wong has a cool atmosphere in her 70 s, with various colors, sizes and fabrics to choose from, and is a microcosm of hidden wealth.
Demand has exceeded supply.
However, the street also produces its own imitation products, which are also removed from the shelves.
They include this Marks & Spencer limited edition faux leather ring, £ 35, Tan Tassel chain shoulder bag from New Look, £ 15.
99, River Island beige round oblique bag-at £22.
Sac De Jour, 1, 960Sac De Jour in Saint Laurent means \"bags of the day\", which exudes the luxury of tranquility.
Handmade in Italy, its gold \"St. Lawrence\" stamps are very small, but the quality of leather and elegant design attract many fans, including Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss and Kylie mi
There\'s a waiting list now.
Quite cheap, real leather Saffiano handbag from Kurt Geiger London (right)is a high-quality High-
Jaeger\'s big Maddison bag is currently priced at £ 225, down from £ 149.
For cheaper versions, snap up the Mango\'s double compartment crossover body pack for £ 35. 99.
Givenchy\'s Nightingale is one of the most popular works
It\'s been ten years now, but it was produced last year and the logo was removed from the handle. . .
Make it the perfect choice for the trend of invisible wealth.
A big, flat handbag, perfect for throwing everything in --
If you can afford it
Kim Kardashian is not known for her low profile style, but she is found to have a low profile style.
Sienna Miller and Beyonce are also fans, and it could be one of the 2016 most popular designs.
H & M\'s weekend pack gives a similarly lazy look of £ 39.
99, while the Oasis leather double case is £ 60, it looks more expensive.
And Heston sloch bowler of fionelli (right)
It\'s a spacious, low-key version, £ 69.
Celine\'s Luggage Phantom, £ 2, celceline\'s Luggage Phantom has become one of the ultimate It
Thank you to devotees such as Sophia Vigara, Jennifer Garner, Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz.
Its unique wing-side and highly structured design means that fashion followers can find one at a speed of 50 steps.
Since its creation in 2010, it has undergone many modifications
This constant evolution and impossibility (for mortals)
Getting one ensures it is still desirable today.
On the street, the Tabatha crosleather ch leather womens tote bags bag from Ted Baker has similar wings in four colors, but at a higher price --friendly £189.
Next\'s spacious Grab Bag womens tote bags for £ 28 and ASOS\'s wing tote with pocket details for £ 32.
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