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doctor murder: cctv footage shows suspect with backpack

by:GF bags     2019-09-22
Footage from CCTV cameras installed at the entrance to the driveway shows that the suspect in the Ranjit Nagar murder left the building with his fashion backpack and slippers.
Found dead in a rented apartment.
According to police, the last location of the neighbor\'s character suspect, Chandra Prakash Wilma, was discovered on Wednesday morning in Mayur Vihar, but in the evening, his location
They said there was a dead end in the driveway where the building was located.
The CCTV installed in the driveway captured Mr.
When Verma left the building around 845 p. m.
He came from the Bahraich area.
Police say the cousin of the victim Garima went to her room at about 10. 30 p. m.
She didn\'t answer his phone.
Cousin works in gulugum.
Cousins had to go to Gorakhpur at 9 in the evening. m.
But she hasn\'t arrived at ISBT yet.
The victim\'s landlord, Gautam kourana, said that when his cousin arrived at the building, he found that Gary\'s room was locked outside and the lights were off, but the fan was on.
He became suspicious, peeping into the room from the glass windows, and found Garima lying on the floor.
\"Cousin, with the help of Mr.
Verma\'s roommate, Vikas, opened the door and realized that Garima was dead.
They informed others who lived in the building.
I told the police about it and called an ambulance . \"Khurana.
Garima\'s neck and several other parts of the body were stabbed several times.
The kitchen knife used in the murder was found to be bad.
Police found blood on the washbasin in the public kitchen on the third floor of the building.
They suspect doctors.
Wilma washed his hands there before leaving.
And they said,
Verma may have taken his bloody clothes away when he left because they did not find his clothes anywhere in his room or in the building.
\"The suspect is in Dr. N. C.
Joshi Memorial Hospital where they work together.
He also found a place for her.
The landlord said Mr. Garima. Verma and Mr.
\"Vikas gets along very well,\" said a police officer . \".
The doctor has been asked by the police.
Vikas claimed not to know the murder when Wilma left the building.
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