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Do vegetarian crocodiles make better purses?

by:GF bags     2019-09-09
Kariba, Zimbabwe-crocodiles are Africa\'s most terrible predators, and ruthless reptiles are known for tearing their prey into pieces before swallowing large chunks of raw meat.
But in the baking sun at Nyanyana crocodile farm on the banks of Lake carriba in Zimbabwe, the feeding time has a surreal edge as the Beast lazily bites a bowl of vegetarian grains.
In addition to being cheaper than meat, the diet of concentrated protein, minerals, vitamins, corn meals and water is said to enhance crocodile skin, which is destined to become handbags or shoes on the streets of New York, paris, London or Milan.
\"We don\'t give them meat anymore,\" said Oliver carmondim, chief financial officer of farm owner Padenga Holdings.
In an interview with Reuters, he said: \"This actually improves the quality, because we now measure all the nutrients we put into it, and crocodiles may not get them only from meat.
400 (250 miles)
In the northwest of Harare, Nyanyana, with 50,000 Nile crocodiles, is one of the three Padenga farms around the largest person in Africa, Karibamade lake.
The company has a total of 164,000 crocodiles and started feeding pellets at the height of the Zimbabwe economic crisis in 2006, making meat scarce and expensive.
Initially, the pellets contained 50% of meat, but were gradually eliminated as completely vegetarian.
\"We have gradually moved to the point where we have reduced the meat to about 15% and then to 7%, and we have no meat now, no fish,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s a cleaner operation where crocodiles get all the nutrients they want from the particles.
\"Feeding every day, crocodiles are basically Meek and fall asleep lying in the fence when the workers clean up the leftovers at will.
HERMES, the GUCCIThe crocodile, was slaughtered at about 1 year old, 30 months old.
5 m long, soft skin.
Harare last year-
The listed padonga company sold 42,000 skins to leather factories in Europe, especially France, with an average skin price of $550.
The leather is 90% higher.
Kamundimu said that the end of the handbag, while the rest of the belt, shoes and straps for some of the world\'s fashion big names.
\"When you hear names like Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Gucci-these are the brand names we\'re talking about,\" he said with a smile of satisfaction . \".
After a 500 billion economic collapse and hyperinflation in Zimbabwe, Paden had to deal with the impact of the 2008 global financial crisis and the economic contraction in the euro zone, its main market.
However, despite a cooling appetite for crocodile meat in Europe and Asia, it is super
Wealthy European shoppers have emerged from the recession and continue to snap up crocodiles.
Skin Supplies, says Kamundimu.
\"When you see people who buy handbags for their wives or daughters, they spend $40,000 per piece, and they can still afford it even if there is a problem in the eurozone,\" he said . \".
We did not feel the decline.
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