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A review of the 2020 year's major events, the pandemic is impacting upon global economy. Therefore,it’s clear that most of business have to rethink his firm’s marketing strategy in order to limit the economic damage of covid-19.

As we can see, the pandemic is giving live stream a boost,which has given birth to a new stage of "live show " in foreign trade. The world's first cross-border B2B e-commerce live show on Alibaba has obviously become the primary focus of business. So how did it react when B2B cross-border e-commerce meets live show?

Let’s see how awesome it is! Yes, we had two live shows in July . This is first time that we’ve tried something interesting. Online live show has brought us a better inspiration on production . The good pace of change is from "what we do, what we sell" to "what the market really needs, what we intend to do", which does good to establish a product baseline and produce fantastic bags our clients are looking for .

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(clicking here to watch live show)

At live show, not only did we introduce our products, we gave you a clearer insight into our factory. From the showroom, sample room, office, workshop to the QC department and other departments,which provide the most direct, fast and effective way for clients who would like to establish a business or develop new products with us.

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(clicking here to watch live show)

Although it is a live show for several hours, it’s worthwhile to watch it! We GF team are also willing to follow the new trend of live show, trying to do the best! Based on 20years experience in bag industry,we are looking forward to meeting more partners around the world!

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