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dinged-up nationals go quietly as phillies claim series with a 7-1 win

by:GF bags     2019-09-13
Washington Nationals don\'t have gas, almost no players, and when the game is over, when another day\'s chaos is over, all they can do is hope that tomorrow will be better.
But every day is more complicated than before.
Five key players were shot down, 7-
In Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon.
They have a chance in the rain.
After the first player, AniBar Sanchez, came home after the catcher Kurt Suzuki, and even after their bullpen began to stir up, the Citizen Bank Park in Slix
Relief artist Matt Grace then allowed five games in the sixth inning, which, as they said, was Washington\'s 11 defeats in the last 16 games.
Three Nationals to Milwaukee-
The game started on Monday and then played four games with the Dodgers in Los Angeles.
The toughest test of the young season
17 games in 17 days, all opponents are competitors
They have fewer rosters as the competition progresses.
But for nationals or anyone else, the season hasn\'t stopped, so they have to deal with the rest.
Manager Dave Martinez said: \"We can\'t get out of 30 or 31 teams . \" Two early mistakes, he noted, were the deciding factor on Sunday.
\"This is impossible. It was 12: 09. m.
When Jack Noel walked into the tourist Club, brown leather luggage bags hung on his backpack.
He arrived in Philadelphia at seven. m.
Fresh red-
Flights from Las Vegas
After Matt Adams was injured in the second inning on Saturday night, Nationals sent him all over the country and from AAA.
Adams woke up with a stiff shoulder-
Too stiff to swing
Washington put him in 10-
On the injury list of the day, there was a short stop to Trea Turner, the starting third baseman Anthony Lundon, the starting left field player Juan, the starting one.
When Noel settled down
After his locker was moved, club manager Mike Wallace got him a uniform and some hats --
Martinez is trying to build a squad in his office.
Martinez asked bullpen coach Henry Blanco if he was ready to play.
He told reporters that it would take him some time to build it.
His order starts about an hour before the game, including Noel of first base, Wilmer difer of third base and second base, Adam Eaton\'s sixth third base in his career, suzuki cleaning up the scene is one of the other weird things.
Over time, the game found Noel right away.
Sanchez did well in the first game and the National Defense did not help.
Carter Kebo in the 21 st centuryyear-
The old top striker filled the void for Turner, who made a third mistake in nine games at stopstop.
This puts runners in the first and second place, and after a walk in Sanchez and managing two strikes, Cesar Hernández hits the ball in the direction of Noel. The 25-year-
When I was old, I couldn\'t think of it. the ball trick entered the shallow field on the right and scored twice.
Sanchez threw 44 goals in a game, and Grace warmed up for the emergency entrance.
\"I really don\'t have an excuse,\" Noel said . \".
\"I screwed up. I should have played the play.
Had a good time in the game but couldn\'t figure it out.
However, Sanchez stayed and dropped eight in a row, leading Suzuki in Philadelphia. His fourth-
In every game of the series, homer gave him one, with five appearances in 60 games of the season.
He offered one of Washington\'s two games on Friday.
He is a hero on Saturday, with 3 pointsrun, pinch-
Beat Homer in game eight.
Now he wants to jump.
Start a lineup without numbers.
2, 3, 4 and 5 batsmen, plus Adams\'s strong batsman, starting on the opening day.
However, Suzuki\'s offense is the end, not the beginning, because Washington is not performing well against Philadelphia --
Pitcher Eflin Zac.
The Nationals are buried in a 6-
The seventh hole is gone. there\'s no answer to the sixth hole in Philadelphia. inning rally.
Sanchez won 108 goals to limit the workload of the bullpen, but after Grace played, he still withdrew from four games.
Grace escaped the fifth place unscathed, but was knocked down in the sixth place.
Three at the beginning-
Including a single well
Place bunt by Eflin.
This brings the first run, and the next four games are brought by Jean Segura to grounder of the outfielder\'s choice, Bryce Harper\'s single and two games
Doubled by Reese Hawkins.
This is the second time a reporter from Washington has played five times in a game --
Joe Rose did this in Saturday\'s game.
But the Nationals were not late this time.
\"We have to catch the ball.
\"We\'re going to play,\" Martinez said . \"
\"We can\'t play well, but that doesn\'t mean we can\'t go there to pick up baseball or get out of the game.
Later in the afternoon, as Washington cleans up the mess, the rain is getting bigger and bigger.
The eighth pair
Only two players were trapped at the base in a single game.
According to WHO appears healthily in Milwaukee, the Nationals have a plane to catch, a new series to play, and another puzzle to solve.
Now, this is just a guessing game.
This makes it harder and harder to win the real game.
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