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dilip kumbhojkar: retailers to pass on additional cost to shoppers | pune news - times of india

by:GF bags     2019-08-29
Pune: the cost of grocery purchases is expected to increase by 4 to 10 rupees after the plastic ban.
Vice President, Ajit Sethiya
Chairman of the Federation of Indian merchants (CAIT)
Retailers have no choice but to pass on the cost of paper bags or cloth bags to consumers, he said.
Retailers also charged plastic bags earlier, but the cost was low.
Paper bags are four to five times more expensive than plastic bags.
Prior to the ban, some retailers offered plastic bags and groceries for an extra fee of Rs 1 or 2, while others offered plastic bags free of charge.
Dilip Kumbhojkar, president of Puna CAIT, said there are more than 25,000 retailers in the city.
Buying paper bags for so many retailers can also be a problem.
A plastic bag is 2 rupees but the price of the paper bag is 4 rupees
5, depending on the size.
This cost must ultimately be borne by the end consumer, he said, adding that paper comes from pulp, which may also have an impact on the environment.
Rajesh Gandhi, owner of Khadki\'s grocery store, said that once we start giving customers, we will charge for paper bags.
Shivajinagar\'s retailer said he started giving groceries in paper bags from Saturday and charged Rs 4 per bag.
Another grocery store owner at Koregaon Park said paper bags could not be used frequently to provide groceries to customers because they would tear them apart.
So we will give
The price of the woven bag is 5 rupees small and 10 rupees large, he said.
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