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diet coke and patricia field create eco friendly bag

by:GF bags     2019-09-18
For the in-
Crowd, it is no longer about what you wear, but about how it is made.
So maybe it\'s time for people like Siena Miller, Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts who have a conscience to start shopping.
Not long ago, a good day\'s shopping was represented by unscrupulous credit card abuse and shopping bags --
It is best to have a smooth paper with smart rope handle.
Today, it is not enough just to enjoy shopping.
What we want is more than just something new and beautiful to take home-
We want to know that we make the world a better place by buying it, the bags we carry do not damage the environment, consumers have become a new ecological environment
Warriors and the latest must-
Accessory is a kind of social conscience.
Now, fashion stylist Patricia Field has partnered with Diet Coke to create a stylish and eco-friendly shopper that will be launched through Boots later this month.
Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, these limited edition shoulder bags are the perfect fashion accessory and the ideal way to shop every week.
Show the unique urban style of Patricia, which is a must
Have, limited edition accessories will be given free of charge from October 22 to customers who purchase two bottles of 500 ml Diet Coke at selected boot stores nationwide.
On a black background, trendy prints adorn hot phrases in pink and white inspired by the world of fashion, this fashion free giveaway from Diet Coke will definitely stand out while you \"work.
Patricia Field said: \"I have shown an ecology with Diet Coke.
The friendly bag does not have to be brown and it can be intense. Enjoy it.
After you receive all the compliments, I know you will use it over and over again.
So it\'s called \"Where did you get the bag \".
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