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dead cat handbag, created by new zealand taxidermist, sells for c$524 online

by:GF bags     2019-09-18
Behind the creepy work is the New Zealand specimen making plant.
Some people believe in reincarnation, but no one predicts that the cat will be a bag in the next life.
Claire Third, a New Zealand taxiderist, turned a dead cat into a backpack.
Yes, someone bought it.
American-based artists traded me online last Wednesday for $524.
According to the label on the back of the wallet, this work she nicknamed Tom is part of her \"charm puss summer series on the T-stand.
A very stylish affordable handbags. . .
For a girl with everything, one-
The wallet will attract attention wherever you go, \"read the list.
Third, she told the New Zealand news site that Tom was killed on the side of the road and after she found him, she put him in the fridge for three months while she checked out community notices about lost pets
She told the BBC that she chose to turn him into a bag because \"his face is particularly good and the rest of the people are crushed.
After the creation is completed-
A 300-hour process.
The third told the BBC that it had been in her refrigerator for about seven years before she decided to auction.
She initially listed it for the equivalent of $1347, but after being criticized, it dropped the starting price to around $1.
Third said in an interview with the CBC that it was not a pet because it happened and the Third said that many people accused Tom of being someone\'s pet.
She said she expressed serious doubt about it, saying he looked like a wild cat.
\"I can understand why they find it offensive, but it\'s not a pet, it\'s one thing,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s a wild animal that destroys our local birds, so that\'s what it is.
I never keep pets.
\"A lot of buzz around the cat bag is negative. \"That is sick ! !
I like animals and you don\'t respect them at all! ! !
This is a common comment.
But the taxonomists make a lot of strange items that exceed your standard bear head.
Claire Third also sold this when trading me, which she called \"a magical unicorn, the only unicorn in the world \".
The bid starts at $6200. (Photo: Trade Me)
Canterbury TV reported the third installment for a mini-TV.
The 2010 documentary shows some of her works, including cats with bird wings and cats that look like half a cat. duck, half-cat creature.
In the documentary, she said that she always tried to find the owners of dead pets before using them for art.
She also insisted that she had never met a cat herself.
Buyers interested in auction now have another chance to own a cat bag.
Prove that any media is good media, and the third is to auction another \"Pussy wallet\" on the deal, this time a black and white cat dyed pink.
She wrote that it was the only cat bag in her collection.
But the starting price is much higher this time.
Equivalent to $1347.
We bet it will sell more.
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