cuttings; scarecrows stand on fashion stage

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Henry Hoyer
24,2003 when I was a child, in 1950s, the function of the Scarecrow was to contain the Crow stealing the corn that had just sprouted.
In August, a group of hungry crows can easily taste the Golden Bantam delicious little ears through the vision of our family.
If a scarecrow could leave the Crow in the field for a week, then the root of the corn would be great, and the Crow would not be able to fight, which is considered successful.
Now the Scarecrow has become a garden art.
They are no longer simple work clothes and red.
A plaid flannel shirt blowing in the breeze, with an old straw hat on the pole.
They are built for sustainable development, usually with materials that have never been used in grammar.
Sister Margaret, one of my favorite scarecrow, has been in a garden in Vt Randolph.
Five years.
Every year she puts on a new pose, and although her denim jumper has faded, she doesn\'t lose her full body, which makes me feel like she is real.
Holding a basket in one hand, she seems to be taking a breather before harvesting some tomatoes or tasting fresh red --
She was bending over and weeding all summer last year. Non-sizeMigrant workers.
Given the work of making realistic Scarecrow, the material must be able to withstand rain, sun, wind and hail.
The key to longevity, especially in wet summer, is to keep the internal organs from being affected by moisture.
Reemay, plastic woven bag, foam plastic (
Woven synthetic cover)
The basics are plastic grocery bags and a good steel fence.
After meeting sister Margaret, poking her and talking to her creator, I made my own scarecrow.
I took out a dress from an old house, a high-collar shirt and a pair of fluffy trousers with holes in the seats.
In the barn, I found an old sun hat and a pair of worn-out garden gloves.
In the closet, I found a pair of my beloved old clothes.
I can\'t bear to throw away the sneakers.
Advertising with six heads
Foot steel fence pillar, I slipped the leg of a rope on the pillar, put it on the ground, tie the waist, tie the pants to the pillar, let the other leg temporarily space-time.
Next, I cut a 17.
There are four pieces of wood on the shoulder, round in the corner, and it looks natural.
Then I went through a pre-
A hole was drilled in the metal column on the wood to keep the \"bone\" of the shoulder in place.
Now I have a strong Scarecrow but to double her career
I have to create a natural posture and a body with curves.
A crow can be deceived by a shirt on a stick, but not by a neighbor.
So I put an old life jacket on my shoulder, filled my torso, and put on a high-collar shirt. Not bad.
A piece of foam under this high-collar shirt filled the chest nicely, and I tied it to another piece below the waist to give her hips and bottom.
My lady is almost ready for her clothes.
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But first she needs some work on her legs.
I rolled up two plastic woven bags and slid one on each leg to give them substance.
I stuffed the bag into my tennis shoes and used a natural leg that was a bit like a pigeon --
Toe, stand and bend your knees slightly.
The old plaid dress continued.
Next, I made a plastic bag head in the pillowcase.
The underpants hose is also very easy to use and any fluffy and non-absorbent stuff can be used for filling.
Although I am not a tailor, I still sew two big buttons for my eyes with an old wool coat.
The big buttons are the best, even the washers.
For the nose, I tied up the pillowcase and sewn a few stitches to keep it in place.
The mouth is a red hairpin and looks like O. K.
From a distance, though more art types can draw lips with feelingstip pin.
I filled my neck with fragments of Reemay, which is as light as a feather and does not accumulate water.
I put my traditional straw hat on my head.
I stuffed the arm of this high-collar shirt with a grain bag and stuffed the end into elastic garden gloves filled with Reemay.
I tied one hand to the garden fork, and when I stuck the fork on the ground, the elbows bent well.
I am finally sure that Mary Lou is the name of my new garden partner.
It only took me an hour to build her, and not just the tourists did double shots.
Even after creating her for a few weeks, if I come back from behind the barn, I jump a little when I see her in the distance, especially at dusk.
Mary Lou is moving some days.
Maybe the wind helps her arms or hat find a new position.
Or maybe the little guy in the garden likes to joke with me like Mary Lou and I cheat the Crow.
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The Scarecrow stood on the fashion stage.
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