Customers from KAPTEN & SON visit our factory during Black Friday week

On November 28th, 2019, Mr. Ricki from Kapten and Son visited our factory, gave feedback on the quality of the shipments, and confirmed new orders to be shipped years ago.

During the visiting, we learned from Mr. Ricki that Kapten and Son achieved great success in the sales of backpacks on Black Friday. During the Black Friday week, one style backpack sold about 1,300 in a single day, made the current inventory of backpacks exceeds supply. We are required to expedite the production of a batch of supplies and use the air freight them all. This will be the largest single air freight volume since our cooperation, reaching 52 square meters and 2,800 kg. The air freight will be completed on December 5th. From order to shipment, it only took us 20 days, which is a big challenge for both company.

After more than two years of cooperation, Kapten and Son has become the largest customer of Gaofeng. This visiting also brought an order for 60,000pcs backpacks and required shipments to be completed years ago. Kapten and Son had order more than 320,000 backpacks from Gaofeng this year, far exceeding our expectations, congratulations to kapten and son, and congratulations to the Gaofeng.

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