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Backpack is a term for a bag that is carried on the shoulders. Backpack is divided into computer backpack, sports backpack, fashion backpack, school backpack, military backpack, mountaineering backpack etc. 

According to different materials, backpack could be classified into canvas bags, oxford cloth bags, nylon cloth bags. Furthermore, on the basis of different standards, there will be a wealth of classifications for backpack.

Featured with flexibility, lightweight and durability, backpack mostly is to free carrier’s hands and provide carrier’s with convinience.

Computer Backpack

Global computer bag giant HTTP company launched the world’s first shoulder computer bag in the 1980s, because of the use of shockproof protection material, coupled with special ergonomic design and unique reinforcement manufacturing process, extremely solid durable, this computer backpack went popular tremendously.

 In addition to a shock-proof partition for computers, computer backpacks have plenty of room for small items such as luggage. Many high quality computer backpacks are also widely used as sports travel bags.

Sport Backpack

Sports backpack design is very bouncing, the color is more bright. Major sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, Li Ning and Hongxing Erke launch a large number of new fashion backpacks emerge every year, which are sought after by a large number of fashionable men and women around the age of 20. 

Sports backpack is also different from other backpack in the material and workmanship because of the function and difference in quality. For example, some top brand backpacks have been innovated in fabrics and styles and expanded in functions. Outdoor backpacks are waterproof.

Fashion   Backpack

Fashionable backpacks are mainly used by women, most of which are made of PU materials, but some of them are made of canvas fabric, with sizes varying from small to large. PU fabric bags are usually used to replace the handbags that women must take when going out.

Fashionable backpacks are more suitable for casual women when they go out.Stylish backpacks are easy to carry and completely free your hands. They are also ideal for women in informal situations.

How to differ backpack from various backpacks

1) Workmanship of backack factory

Every corner and pressure line is very neat, no mater and jumper phenomenon, every stitch is exquisite workmanship, which is the standard of high technology.

2) Material of backack factory

The materials of popular backpacks in the market are limited, such as nylon, Oxford, canvas, and even cocow skin crocodile, etc., which can be attributed to luxury goods. Generally, computer backpacks are made of 1680D double-ply fabric, which is medium to high. And 600D Oxford cloth is more commonly used material. Other materials such as canvas, 190T, and 210 are usually used for the simpler strap-pocket type of backpacks.

3) Brand of backack 

Check which brand is more widely favored, it is more popular with everyone, there are a lot of brands, not all are suitable for your own, buyers should have different meaning to choose and judge according to their preferences!


Back structure of backpack directly determines the use and grade of the backpack. Brand-name computer backpacks are complicated in structure, with at least six pieces of pearl cotton or EVA as breathable pads, and even aluminum frames.

Back side of a general backpack is a 3MM pearl cotton breathable plate. The simplest bag type has no padding except the backpack itself. Computer backpacks are of better quality but less style. Sport backpack style choice more, but the material is normal. Stylish backpacks are small in size, but suitable for women in informal situations.

Maintenance of common sense

First: don’t always carry your backpack, if you for a long time of movement, had better not choose to carry your backpack for a long time, surely, such a long time of carrying on your body also is bad, want to try to hand after an hour or two, and then back again, so treat your bag, combining exertion and rest can greatly prolong the life of your backpack.

Second: often place your bag under the sun, do not stay in the house and do not have outdoor sports. Without the moistening of the sun’s rays, your bag may appear moldy situation, but also some peculiar smell, let a person smell feel very uncomfortable, and you also want to carry it, so, might as well once in a while take out your love bag to have a sunbath, give it a little sunshine?

Third: as far as possible to avoid substantial friction, in the process of use, backpack will inevitably encounter some wear and tear, not to say here can not wear and tear your backpack, but as far as possible to reduce wear and tear to bring you the damage, to do less wear and tear more care.Try to avoid friction or surface is not smooth place to use, if you must use backpack, the situation must have never positive friction.

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