coach gets an edgier look with new designer stuart vevers

by:GF bags     2019-08-18
Forget the pre-school stripes, poppies and in-your-face logos.
Coach has a brand new bag-
Creative director, put a more edgier, a more street spin on the classic American label.
British designer Stuart Vevers ushered in a new era for $1
On Thursday, when he showed Coach his first clothing and accessories collection at New York Fashion Week, the billion brands.
Vevers, the veteran of Louis Vuitton, sang mulberry and Loewe, said that the collection is more focused on clothing than ever before, and is \"about redesign
Established the uniqueness of Coach in the market.
\"Coach is a luxury brand in the United States and was founded in 1941.
The designer said: \"I see that a lot of people around the world are wearing the basic shape of the United States, whether it\'s a denim jacket, a fireman\'s coat or a overalls, his inspiration comes from the rough costumes worn by the characters in Stanley Kubrick\'s shining.
Looks like work clothes in the United States.
Compared to former creative director Reed Krakow, the brand caters to sophisticated luxury, edgier and more street wisdom.
The collection on the coat is rich, including buffalo plaid blanket coat, sheep fur hoodie and twill fireman\'s coat, suede sheep fur \"city hikers\" boots with mixed sneakers
The signature swivel lock fastener of the instructor is activated.
Under the warm layers are baseball jackets, wool mini skirts, patchwork suede dresses and vintage
Inspired sweater, a rocket design with the words Apollo America on the front.
There are also many interesting activities including guest string and leather feather necklace.
For the dark, autumn color palette, Vevers viewed photos of Joel strfeld in the 1980 s America in the book American prospects.
\"The wall behind the model projects a photo of Sternfeld on a suburban street.
Vevers said he was also inspired by women who collected and wore vintage Coach wallets. (
I also scored several goals at the flea market myself. )
The strength and weight of the new handbag seems to be lacking in some recent designs by Coach.
One of the highlights: \"Dakota\", a cross body bag with an edge flap;
\"Ryder\", the messenger who cuts wool;
Black tool leather womens tote bags bag.
Vevers also looked into the profile of famous coach designer Bonnie Cashin who worked for the brand from 1962 to 1974 and added several iconic handbag design and hardware details. (
He put a picture of her on the wall of the office, reminding people that she is the brand\'s \"guardian angel \". )
But in the end, he did not want to dwell too much on the past.
\"I made some works very early, but they were so reminiscent that they didn\'t give enough sense of change,\" Vevers said . \".
\"So I kind of went back to God, but hopefully there was some spirit.
\"The Fall 2014 Coach series will land at the brand\'s flagship store in September, ranging from $400 to $3,000.
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