clothing styles for short women

by:GF bags     2019-09-18
Petite women have a mixed bag in styling ---
You have the freedom to wear the sky
High heels, but the size of the pants can be a bit challenging.
Even if you shop in small parts, where you cut parts for smaller numbers, some styles will be more flattering than others.
When wearing a short frame, maintaining a sense of proportion is the key ---
Choose clothes that don\'t make you short, and use some styling techniques to look long and thin.
When you are small, you should avoid being too big, rummaging or loose --
Such cuts will only make you look smaller.
Instead, choose a slim item to lengthen the look of your body.
Choose a straight or tight style for your pants.
In the office, try the white button.
Straight down shirt
Black pinstriped trousers and black high heels.
Wear a Navy V-on weekends-
Dark neck sweater
Wash tight jeans and brown high heels for a date night, or choose a fit tight dress and sexy high heels.
In order to make your petite figure look taller and thinner, monochrome clothing is your best choice ---
The same shade from head to foot creates a long line for your body.
All of your clothes are not necessarily the exact same shades, but all of them should come from the same color series.
In the office, a smart charcoal pen set with a gray case and black high heels.
For a sexy, modern look, Rock black suit jacket with satin bodice top;
Wear a black pencil skirt, a black tights and a pointed toe pump to further extend the leg lines.
Add some silver chandelier earrings and a long silver pendant to finish the look.
Choosing an Empire vest will give you the illusion of being a little higher.
The empire waist is right under the chest, so it helps to lengthen your torso and make you look more flattering-
Just make sure the item hugs your frame below the waist of the Empire to get the most flattering look.
At the cocktail party, wear a cobalt sleeveless tight dress with an imperial waist, and catch the eye with beads along the neckline.
Pair with naked peeps
Toe pumps and gold earrings make you look more casual and walk with colorful empire
Waist top with V shape
Neck near the hips.
Dress up in spring with tight jeans and neutral slope wedges.
When it comes to patterns and accessories, petite women should choose small ones
Scale the project proportional to the frame, because the large mode will drown out a small frame.
Instead, look for subtle, delicate fingerprints.
Small white stoneand-brown polka-
Dot tops and abovethe-
Knee denim skirt for lunch with friends.
Add Tan espadriles and a long pearl necklace or bracelet to finish the look.
Avoid large oversized handbags like a tramp or bucket style;
In order to maintain the balance of the figure, choose a small backpack or even a large clutch.
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