Chanel’s Wertheimer Family Seen With $19 Billion Fortune

by:GF bags     2019-08-28
Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, with his shock at white hair, black glasses and leather gloves, will make his debut in Paris next Tuesday, becoming the focus of attention --
Company\'s latest spot-to-
Clothing Collection during City Fashion Week.
Dana Thomas, author of the book \"luxury\", said in a telephone interview in the French capital: \"So far, Chanel\'s exhibition has attracted the greatest interest . \".
\"If you only go to one show a season, you have to go to Chanel.
According to Thomas, 30-year-old billionaire customers at Lagerfeld, Chanel\'s boss Alan and Gerrard weitheimer will be ignored.
The brothers will sit in the fourth or fifth row and slip away.
The couple kept their private life alive. -
Their finances. -
They spent a total of $19 outside the spotlight.
2 billion of the wealth is more than double the previous estimate.
According to the annual report submitted to the Dutch Chamber of Commerce Kamer van koopandel, the combined net income of the Chanel International BV report is $5.
9 billion on 2011, $ months of interest income, taxes, depreciation and amortization. 4 billion.
The report on zutmel, the Netherlands
The Chanel-based company is the latest listed company worth $18.
5 billion, based on data compiled by Bloomberg, based on average enterprise value --to-
Sales, corporate valueto-
Ebitda and price-to-
L\'Oreal, Estee Lauder and other five listed companies price-earnings ratio.
Prada SpA, Louis Vuitton group and Kaiyun group.
\"Chanel will be among the best in the industry,\" Gilbert Harrison, chairman and founder of investment bank Financo LLC, said in a telephone interview . \".
\"Given that luxury companies earn three to four times the $20 billion valuation.
According to the \"secrets of Chanel One\", brothers each own half of the company
5, \"the perfume history of Tira Mazo.
They also have three French vineyards, including the Chateau Razan.
Segra and weitheimer and frele, one of the world\'s top horse racing and breeding companies.
Chanel spokeswoman Lawrence Delamare declined to comment on the company\'s net assets.
Billionaire brothers and sisters are the latest beneficiaries of the booming luxury market, which has raised the S & P Global Luxury Index by 24% this year.
The surge exposed at least nine hidden billionaires, including Mina Prada\'s older brother and sister Marina and Alberto Prada Bianchi;
Brunello kuchelli, founder of the publicly traded Brunello curchelli spa; U. S.
Designer Tory Burcher and her predecessor
Husband Chris Birch.
And founder of Dolce & Gabbana, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.
Brothers have been guiding family businesses for 39 years and are the third generation of more family businesses --than-a-century-
The old company, which lost almost to the Nazis in World War II, has grown into one of the world\'s most recognized luxury companies.
Calculate the net worth of $9 per brother.
6 billion, and ranked 120 and 121st in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.
\"They don\'t publish their numbers, they don\'t publish their numbers, and they don\'t talk about them,\" Thomas said . \".
\"It\'s a smart business.
They can have a low season, or even a low season, no one knows.
They played very long and they did a good job.
\"According to the document, sales grew by 26% in 2011, the fastest growing of five peers in the year.
Labels have positioned themselves at the top-
End of luxury district, winter line-
Including a $5,000 gown and a $4,000 quilting handbag.
Sales of perfumes and cosmetics-
No, especially. 5 scent --
According to David Wu, a luxury analyst at Telsey Consulting Group in New York, Chanel is still Chanel\'s largest business, probably accounting for about 55% of its revenue.
A bottle of 30 ml perfume is 220 pounds ($350)
Chanel boutique at London\'s Harrods department store.
This perfume is Marilyn Monroe\'s favorite. in 1952, a reporter asked her what she was wearing on her bed.
\"Except for a few drops of Chanel No.
According to Mazzeo, she said. “Chanel No.
5 remains one of the company\'s flagship products and continues to take the lead in the overall perfume market, \"Wu said.
\"This is one of Chanel\'s biggest money-making companies.
\"In 2011, the Company\'s Ebitda profit margin was 24%, surpassing L\'Oreal\'s 19%, Estee Lauder\'s 17% and Kaiyun\'s 23%.
LVMH has a profit margin of 26% and Prada is among the best at 29%.
The family business opened in 1923, when Theophile Bader, the boss of French department store Lafayette, introduced perfume manufacturers Paul and Pierre wertheady to designer Gabrielle Chanel.
Chanel, known for its cocoa, has been looking for ways to expand sales.
In 1921, 11 years after her first boutique opened in Paris, she began selling the perfume.
According to Mazzeo, Les Parfums Chanel was established in April 4, 1924 and Wertheimers received 70% interest and Bader 20% and the remaining interest of Chanel.
The success of the perfume undermines the relationship between Chanel and Wertheimers, and when the German army entered Paris in 1940, the Jewish brothers fled Paris and Chanel tried to control the industry.
According to Mazzeo, she wrote to the Nazi occupi in 1941, arguing that Les Parfums Chanel was a Jewish property and should therefore be redistributed to her.
She was foiled by Wertheimers who had handed over their shares to industrialist Felix Amiot before leaving Paris, who agreed to hold them for the duration of the occupation to prevent
After the war, the relationship slowly improved, and after Paul died, Pierre bought Bud and then Chanel, agreed to fund her fashion house and pay all her bills ---
Including her tax. -
For the rest of her life
In return, according to Mazzeo, he took full control of Chanel\'s fashion and business operations in 1954 and passed the company to him when Jacques died in 1965.
The business was handed over to Alan and Gerrard in 1996.
\"They do their best to maintain brand integrity,\" says Harrison of Financo . \".
\"The very intimate Wertheimer family protects the brand like any other family.
Steven Gerrard, 61, is based in Geneva and serves as chairman of the company\'s watch division.
Alan, 64, who lives in New York, is the chairman of Chanel, and when he took control of operations from his father in 1974, he was considered a revival of the brand.
He reduced the number of stores that store Chanel perfume to fight over-exposure, which diluted Coco Chanel\'s vision for No.
Most in the world-
Exclusive perfume, according to London
Based on EMEA, vice president of Anatolia Kourovskaia, at Millward Brown Optimor, a consulting firm.
Since then, Wertheimers have protected the exclusivity of the brand, established the fashion department and expanded to watches and jewelry, said Kourovskaia.
Millward Brown Optimor calculated Chanel\'s brand value alone for $7.
May 10, 2013 billion.
The brand\'s fashion company has launched a \"little black dress\" to the world, restoring its vitality under the guidance of Wertheimers Lagerfeld, appointed in 1983.
~ Chanel was named the most-
According to Boston, Chinese women wanted luxury brands in 2012
Bain consulting company
Even if the owner is hidden.
\"We are a very cautious family and we never talk,\" the New York Times quoted Gerrard as saying in an article by February.
\"It\'s about Coco Chanel.
It\'s about Carl.
This is about everyone working and creating at Chanel.
It\'s not about Wertheimers.
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