CEO\'s Success Credited To Unbelievable Handshake

by:GF bags     2019-09-12
Garrett Maddox, from work
A class family living in the south of Chicago, starting from the ground floor, but quickly stepped onto the corporate ladder.
The 34-year-old was recently appointed chief executive of Telecom.
Research giant Qualcomm has led 11 of the world\'s top 500 companies, from Safeco Insurance to joint technology.
What is the key to his success?
An incredible handshake.
\"Some people have intuitive business awareness, unwavering motivation, or the ability to make decisions quickly,\" Mados said . \".
\"I don\'t know much about these.
What God gave me was a perfectly aligned knuckles, a pleasant gentle palm, and a divine firm grip.
Mados, who was named one of the top five by Forbes magazine, first showed his ability
At the school graduation ceremony, when he shook hands with the principal, he was immediately promoted to a farewell class.
Since then, shaking hands and alternating turns has been described by colleagues as \"incredible\" and \"unforgettable, life --
Change experience, \"madoks scored high marks.
Rankings by Cisco, ConAgra, Kroger and Morgan Stanley-
All Maddox companies have never heard of it before they took office.
According to Maddox\'s biography, \"put it there,\" the Chicago native began practicing shaking hands when he was very young.
After rejecting a few businesses
By shaking hands with admissions directors across the country, he won a school scholarship, but he decided to travel around the world.
With only three weeks of weapons.
Maddox was wearing a suit and had a leather briefcase in his hand.
\"He knows that \'good\' handshake is not enough,\" said his father, Jeffrey Maddox . \".
\"He knows that to be one of the greatest players, he has to develop his talent. \"His handshake-
The refining tour took him to India, where he visited the temple behind the Buddhist monk temple, shaking hands for up to 20 hours a day.
Finally, when he learned everything he could, he returned to the United States --Only 23 years old.
Have one of the most powerful confidence
In this world, his goal in life is to acquire material strength and wealth on an almost unimaginable scale.
Charles Steinson, chairman of Xerox, said: \"Since the first pump, I know that I trust garlitte . \" He hired Mados as CEO after a job interview.
\"As the handshake continues, I begin to feel that the collective memory of humanity is stirring up in the deepest part of my mind.
The handshake this time is not just powerful.
Maddox combines all the qualities of the greatest handshake in history --
Mussolini\'s power, Clinton\'s warmth, John Wayne\'s textbook release
He kept his eyes in detail all the time.
\"Even though he called Xerox ,\"
\"It notes that the company is definitely the best candidate for the job after a few months of his employment,\" added Stinsen . \".
Another business partner, Mark Cosgrove, described Mados as \"a man without any idea or vision, but he climbed up the company at a speed he could not have imagined before.
\"It\'s really a great honor to know him,\" Cosgrove added . \".
Today, Mados is one of the most successful CEOs in the United States.
With his mastery of innovative new technologies such as \"envelopes\", \"coming in from above\" and \"three-pump and quick-drop.
Maddox said that although his handshake had brought him to a climax several times
It also lifted him out of countless difficulties.
As the chief financial officer of Kmart in 1998, Mados\'s poorly managed subordinates engaged in problematic bookkeeping, prompting the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate.
\"They made everyone, including me, nervous,\" Maddox said . \"
\"But after I washed my hands carefully and introduced myself to the chief auditor with one of my\" quick buckles \", I finished my shoulders-
Pat, not only did he give up the case, he sent me a letter of apology and bought 100 shares of the company\'s stock.
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