Dönges GmbH & Co. KG, is one century-old enterprise located in Germany, began in 1903. Its business scope covers Fire & Rescue, Industry & Consumer, Military& Government, Global Tool Traders, etc.

Since 2001, our factory started to make series of products for Dönges, such as Military backpack, Police bag, Rescue blanket and Warning vest.

Every year, we meet their i. V., Jörg Dietsch, to discuss new products, business development and further cooperation.  

For over 20 years, we have consistently provided Dönges with quality products more than 1000 items. We will remain offer good services, continue into the next generation.


In 2016,this new brand at Germany launched the world’s first luggage with a removable charging function. The Front Pocket on it was made by us.

In 2017, more and more products came out with the fast growing of HORIZN STUDIOS’ team, Laptop Case, Wash Bag, Backpack, Weekend Bag, etc.

In 2018, when their product manager, Everett Bleakney Joined in, we studied together and finally made the Front Pocket with welding technology, which looks more three-dimensional.

Till 2022, HORIZN STUDIOS has cooperated with many brands, such as NASA,BMW, Habitas and Mercedes Benz, the range of products is increasing a lot, also the materials fabric.

As an excellent brand, HORIZN STUDIOS is very strict for products quality, We have purchased a lot of equipment successively and constantly improve our QC system.

Kapten & Son

Kapten and Son is a famous German pop brand with watches, eyewear, accessories and backpacks, we are the main supplier of them.

In 2017, first backpack products made by us launch out, yielded very good results, with repeat purchases soon and the volume gradually increasing.

From 2018,they had large quantities and fast delivery time request, we react very fast, from order to shipment, we were able to finish it within 45days, which demonstrate our strong production capability.

Kapten and Son’s target group is quite young, their designs are great, stylish, and complex structure, we can still handle such products with ease.

We have grown with Kapten and Son along the way, trusting that we will be able to create an even more brilliant future in the future.

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