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bull semen spill causes scare, closes highway

by:GF bags     2019-08-24
Nashville, Tennessee (Reuters)-
On Tuesday, a frozen bull semen leak from a breeder in Texas caused panic and temporarily shut down the United States. S.
Interstate highway in the morning rush hour.
At the beginning of the incident, the driver of a Greyhound bus carrying the goods reminded the fire department that he had lost part of the goods while negotiating the ramp on a highway near Nashville.
\"We don\'t know what it is, but we are told (the canisters)were non-
\"Toxic,\" said Maggie Lawrence, spokesman for the Fire Department.
When the firefighters arrived at the ramp, they saw \"four small propane --
Tank size (that)
\"Starting to launch a light steam,\" Lawrence said . \".
In addition to the steam, the tank also releases a bad smell, and the ramp is closed when the emergency personnel try to determine what is in the container.
The bus driver turned to retrieve the jar.
Once emergency crews learned that the canisters were not in any danger and only contained frozen bull semen stored on dry ice, staff from the Tennessee Department of Transport and the Fire Department cleared the ramp.
\"It\'s no different from the mattress falling off the truck,\" Transport spokesman B said . \"J. Doughty.
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