Briefcase purchase


For professionals, briefcase is a representative of their taste and image. A good briefcase can not only contain items needed in the workplace, but also enhance their temperament and leave a good impression on customers. So, how to choose a good briefcase? What should we pay attention to when choosing a briefcase?

1. Personal briefcase

Things are not about expensive, but about expensive and valuable;

So buying a briefcase is worth it or not.

Men in choosing a briefcase decides to go into a rigorous route, or mature natural and unrestrained, because man is a basic package all dress, so still they have to find a briefcase with their usual dress joker, with brunet briefcase collocation dark suit and briefcase with light color which suits for the best.

2. Exquisite workmanship

Style determines personality, texture determines taste.

Men who can lead a good life will choose an economical and practical briefcase, so we should choose to be discerning.

Briefcase is made of nylon, PU and genuine leather, all of which, they are good.

And in the process, menshould pay attention to overall package body cutting, sewing and hardware stability, especially to handle and shoulder strap of business briefcase. Besides, men should choose wide and smooth briefcase as far as possible from bag factory.

3.  Briefcase size

Size of briefcase should not be too large, otherwise it will be very inconsistent with the collocation. Generally, a briefcase should be a proper size as long as it can hold a non-folding A4 paper file.

Therefore, men should remember tsize of briefcase choice when choosing a briefcase, do not pursue capacity too much and choose a larger briefcase.

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