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by:GF bags     2019-09-08
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 21/10/2010 (2780 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
I have always been very supportive of our local fashion trends.
Winnipeg is some wonderful and cutting place for a medium size city --
Edge costume designer and skilled jewelry artist.
Not to mention, \"peg\" has the best boutiques enclave in Canada, where you can find the latest trends from some of the hottest Canadian designers, the freshest independent labels, stylish shoes and eyes
Capture any accessories other than off-the-rack.
I\'m not saying that because I happen to live here.
As a girl who spends 90 days off in big cities, shopping and eating, Winnipeg is still one of my favorite places to shop.
Although I like our local fashion scene, what our city really lacks is those big-
Luxury stores-
Tiffany and Gucci are a couple that come to mind.
You know, those that you might not be patronizing a lot, but splurge on a special purchase (or two)
At least once a year.
Lucky for us, there seems to be a few higher
In the past few months, terminal retailers have also acknowledged this emptiness and opened stores.
The most exciting
At least in the minds of this fashionistais Coach.
Yes, for those of you who may not know, the coach opened at Polo Park this fall, which made the bag and handbag lovers in Winnipeg very happy.
Over the past few decades, Coach has become an accessory brand equal to quality, luxury and style.
From classic op art wallet to limited
Coach is a wallet lover\'s dream come true.
I think the most attractive thing about the Coach handbags and accessories is that their designs are timeless and classic.
Satchels and carryall are the perfect choice for everyday use, and it looks great to wear office custom dress suits or go with some horse boots, tights and warm sweaters on weekends.
In the evening, the Coach wristband is the perfect accompaniment to the cocktail dress, just in size, and can hold the lipstick, mobile phone and key.
So while I\'ll never fall in love with our thriving local fashion scene, I think it\'s great that Winnipeg ends up being a luxury/high end destination
End the retailer.
When it comes to fashion choices, the more the better.
Are there any suggestions for future columns or fashion trends that deserve attention?
From email Connie Tamoto atconetamofashion @ hotmail. com.
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