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bodies found from air france crash

by:GF bags     2019-09-10
A spokesman said the Brazilian Air Force found two bodies and debris from Air France on Saturday, which crashed over the Atlantic Ocean on June 1, carrying 228 people.
Colonel Jorge Amaral told reporters in the northeastern city of Recife: \"We confirm the recovery from debris and bodies on Air France aircraft . \".
He said the bodies were found on the plane that crashed and were human bodies.
He said the plane seat, a nylon backpack with a computer and a leather briefcase with Air France tickets were the first objects taken off the sea.
The discovery took place 450 km kilometers northeast of the Atlantic islands of Brazil, 370 km kilometers from the mainland.
Video: the great loss of the Air France passenger plane disappeared: \"River Dance star\" died in the tragedy of Air France, and relatives were shocked: \"My daughter is on the plane\" lucky: the couple tried in vain to find the seat lost jet Amaral said that there was a serial number on the blue plane seat and an inspection by Air France to confirm that it came from its shooting down Flight 447, it was a trip from Rio to Paris last week.
Amaral said the seat was the first to be found.
The first body was subsequently discovered by a Navy vessel and 20 minutes later by the crew.
The last item found so far, he said, was a backpack.
In an area nearly 1,000 km kilometers off the northeast coast of Brazil, the search for more wreckage continues.
It was the first time that items were recovered from the plane six days after an open Atlantic search.
The discovery earlier on Thursday was not part of the crash, as searchers struggled with bad weather conditions, with rain limiting visibility and waves reaching 1. 8 metres.
Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the tragedy of Flight 477.
French investigators said Saturday that Air France\'s Airbus A330 had a number of system failures at the last moment, and the speed monitors of other aircraft had also failed.
The head of the French aviation accident investigation agency said the automatic error message sent out before the plane crashed last Monday showed that the autopilot was out of work after the sensor gave a conflicting speed reading.
On Friday, Airbus urged all its aircraft pilots to review the warning issued on July 2001, which should follow the procedure if the speed indicator gives a conflicting reading and forces the autopilot to withdraw.
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