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bodies found at air france crash site

by:GF bags     2019-09-11
Recife, Brazil-the searcher found two bodies and a briefcase with a ticket for Air France flight 447, which is on the Atlantic Ocean near the crash site. Brazilian military officials said today.
Meanwhile, French agencies investigating the disaster said the wind speed meter on Flight 447 was not replaced as suggested by the manufacturer before the plane crashed in turbulent weather nearly a week ago.
The French accident investigation agency BEA found that during the flight from Rio to Paris, the plane struggled with 228 passengers in a heavy thunder rain and received inconsistent wind speed readings from different instruments.
Brad Clemes, 49, is from Guelph, Ontario.
One of the passengers.
Airbus recommended them to all airline customers to replace speed-
Paul said that the A330, known as the leather-hosted measuring instrument, is the model used for Flight 447.
The head of the agency, Luis alsrania.
Alain bouyard, head of the French investigation, said the plane crashed \"they have not been replaced \".
Air France declined to comment immediately.
Arslanian of BEA warned that it was too early to conclude on the role of pitakon in the accident, saying, \"This does not mean that it is dangerous not to replace the pitakon A330.
\"He said at a press conference at the agency headquarters near Paris that the crash of Flight 447 does not mean that similar aircraft models are unsafe, adding that he told his family not to worry about flying.
He said there are many reasons why Airbus made this proposal.
This morning, the two male bodies were found about 70 kilometers south of the final signal from Flight 447-about 650 kilometers northeast of the Fernando denonia islands off the northern coast of Brazil.
Brazilian Air Force spokesman Col.
Jorge Amaral said a ticket for Air France was found in a bag.
\"Air France confirmed that the ticket number corresponds to one passenger on the flight,\" he said . \".
Brazilian authorities declined to comment on how the discovery of the bodies could affect the search for black boxes, which could tell investigators why the plane crashed.
The survey is increasingly focused on whether external instruments freeze, speed sensors mess, and causing computers to set aircraft speeds too fast or too slow-potentially fatal errors in severe turbulence.
A leather tube held out from the wing or fuselage of the aircraft, providing wind speed sensors and heating to prevent icing.
A leather hosting jam or failure may cause the wind speed sensor to work incorrectly and cause the computer that controls the aircraft to accelerate or slow down in a potentially dangerous way.
Air France has replaced another Airbus model, 320, with its pilot reporting similar problems with the model. According to the French aviation safety report submitted by the pilot on January and obtained by The Associated Press.
The report came after Air France\'s flight from Tokyo to Paris reported a similar wind speed indicator problem with Flight 447.
In this case, the leather hosting was found to have been blocked by ice.
\"After the A320 fleet often encounters similar problems, preventive measures have been decided and taken,\" the security report said . \".
Pitots on all Air France\'s A320s have been refitted with the new Pitots, \"not very sensitive to these weather conditions \".
\"The same report said Air France decided to increase the inspection frequency of the A330 and A340 aircraft leather hosting, but it had been waiting for Airbus\'s advice before installing the new leather hosting.
When they tried to find the wreckage, investigators relied on the 24 pieces of information that the plane automatically sent in the last few minutes of the flight.
Officials said the signal showed that the autopilot of the aircraft was not turned on, but it was not clear whether the autopilot was shut down by the pilot or whether it stopped working because of receiving conflicting wind speed readings.
Nearly four hours after the plane took off, all the people on board were killed.
It was the deadliest air crash by Air France since 2001 and the worst commercial crash in the world.
Alain lahathir, head of the French weather forecast agency, said that the weather conditions during the flight were no exception in the time and area of the year, known for stormy weather.
On Thursday, Airbus sent a consultation to all operators of the A330 to remind them how to handle the aircraft in a situation similar to Flight 447.
Peter Goles, former general manager of the National Transportation Safety Board, said the consultation and Air France memorandum on the replacement of flights
The speed meter \"of course raises questions about whether the leather hosting works, and the leather hosting is critical for the pilot to understand what is happening.
\"Arslanian says it is critical to find a small beacon called\" pinger \"that should be connected to the cockpit voice and data recorder and is now considered deep in the Atlantic Ocean.
\"We can\'t guarantee that pinger is attached to the recorder,\" he said . \".
Lifting a pinger in his palm, he said: \"This is what we are looking for in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
He said: \"Ocean currents may scatter debris on the bottom of the sea.
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