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bob dylan is working on new latin-influenced album

by:GF bags     2019-09-11
Bob Dylan is recording a new album. The 70-year-
The old singer is working on his 35 studio albums in Los Angeles, which is reported to have an impact on Latin America.
Music guru David idargo
He has been making Bob\'s latest record and working on his last two albums to spend life and Christmas together
\"It was a great experience,\" he said. And different.
Each method is different and completely different.
\"It\'s amazing how he keeps his creativity.
I can\'t see how he did it.
Hidalgo also details how he introduced some Latin American instruments in the recording, such as the string instrument Tres guitar, which is popular in Cuba and Puerto Rico.
He added in the Aspen Times: \"He would say, \'Wow, what is that?
He likes the sound.
So we put it in.
Christmas in the Heart was released on 2009, after which Dylan participated in the lost notebook of the Hank Williams project, after the artist died at the age of 29 on 1953, songs based on ideas and lyrics were recorded in the notebook, which were left in a leather briefcase by country artists.
Dylan recorded a song \"fax of love\" for this album released in last October.
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