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best work backpacks for women: commute in style with the best laptop friendly bags and office appropriate rucksacks

by:GF bags     2019-09-20
If you spend a long time dragging your laptop or gym to work, you need a backpack in your life.
These beautiful designs distribute weight more evenly, so they take care of your posture, reduce back pain, and often make your life easier.
But if the recent fashion show taught us anything, just because the backpack is functional doesn\'t mean it doesn\'t look stylish.
Work clothes are not what they used to be-
With the increase of flexible working hours, freelancers bring loose office dress code
So, these days, you have a lot of freedom when you choose a work package.
With athleisure penetrating into the world of advanced fashion, you can even make the sports backpack look cool so you have no reason not to go to the gym!
Not just for \"gap yah\" students, hitchhikers or boys
Scouts, the fashion backpack looks stylish and sophisticated.
Look at our list-
We have now found all the best bargains and fashion declarations online.
The content of your work package is highly dependent on your work and habits.
You may need to carry your laptop, notepad, water bottle, gym kit, cosmetics, wallet, lunch and more with you. . .
is essential in this case.
On busy days like this, you need as many pockets and partitions as poss to make sure that those moments of panic and tension are easily accessible and organized.
For all the busy working girls, the fashion backpack below will change the game!
This black laptop backpack from Marks and Spencer is the perfect office accessory.
Black nylon (
This is all the rage thanks to Prada)
It is equipped with a large number of zipper pockets, as well as a large number of compartments and internal card slots to organize your things.
If that\'s not enough, it has a bottle holder, a lot of pockets, and it\'s water --resistant.
We also like the orange interior.
For a chic commute, choose this beautiful duck-
Fionelli\'s egg-gray \"Finley\" backpack-
The shape of the square is perfect.
This is the ideal size for ipad, notepad, kindle and any other office essentials, and multiple fasteners mean your items are always safe.
We also like it as a canyon affordable handbags on weekends!
You\'ll feel like Mary Poppins is as much as you can put in this amazing Samsonite laptop bag.
It comes with a zip compartment, adjustable shoulder straps and a buffered internal laptop pocket that protects your technology when you\'re on a busy rush hour train.
But our favorite feature is that it is made of 11 recycled plastic bottles.
So, you\'re not just helping yourself by buying, you\'re supporting the environment as well!
The accessory Ellie backpack is a sunny yellow that will light up those dull and hard Monday.
It is made of soft faux leather and features an expandable Poole side and top handle, so you can take it off when squeezed onto the tube.
So technically, if you buy this bag, you will think of your colleagues.
Beige is now popular thanks to Yeezy, so this Uniqlo fashion backpack is not only practical but also stylish.
By CORDURA®Cotton-
Mixed fabric, very durable and lightweight, so you can pack your laptop and other office supplies in it without breaking your back. It\'s also waterproof.
Therefore, wear it in the event of rain or shine.
Many interior compartments for easy access to each item --
Also very impressive.
The list would be incomplete without a reliable Fjallraven Kanken backpack.
You can see the fashionable Sweden everywhere.
The brand dates back to 1978, making backpacks for school kids and office workers.
From the top handle to the reflective signature badge on the front, they really think about everything for your trip to work.
We love this beautiful candy pink hue that even adds a bit of energy to the most mundane pieceswear wardrobes.
In addition, there are more colors to choose from. This roll-
Adidas top backpack brings fresh rain-
In the crowded commute to the office, you can feel the air in the forest.
This laptop works with the farm company.
The friendly design features bright yellow and blue palm prints, in sharp contrast to the black and white leopard print base.
As athleisure enters advanced fashion, we know that this is a clear fashion statement with the iconic Adidas trefoil logo.
River Island has a super smooth faux leather backpack that is enough for a laptop. With lush-
Looks like a gold zipper and brand, it has two compartments, a top handle and even a zipper
At the bottom, this is the perfect choice to store your lunch box.
Whether you wear it at work or not, you can\'t go wrong because the black bag and everything is together.
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