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by:GF bags     2019-08-15
In the 1990 s, I met a pair of New York handbag designers, Richard Lambert and John Truks, who kindly lent me a beautiful little evening dress and presented the award to the American fashion designers Association.
The quality of this small accessory is exquisite and I am proud to show off: Richard and John are the first bag designers I have ever met and I feel like they are doing something.
Their aesthetic is sublime.
Modern, exquisite, timeless.
Not long after I wore their elegant little bag, they gave me a great red-
Leather womens tote bags bag lined in the sky-blue leather.
This is one of the most beautiful and practical bags I have --
Very simple but very chic.
This is a bold, elegant statement that allows me to appreciate low-key luxury in an exciting new way.
In the second year, Lambert and Truex won the coveted CFDA award for best accessory design, and the Lambert and Truex labels were awarded for their high quality and none
The taste is really good.
But as Lambertson Truex bags loved, the company was also affected by difficult economic times and filed for bankruptcy in 2009.
Tiffany and Co.
The American jewelry company, founded in 1837, came to the rescue.
Tiffany bought the brand and hired Richard and John to create a series of high
Leather products sold in boutiques. Tiffany and Co.
Obviously, we understand the increasing importance of handbags in wardrobes, and many of us now think handbags are our ultimate accessory.
Lambert and Truks were recently in Toronto and I was with them at Bloor St in Tiffany. W.
Talk about how to buy the perfect bag and why the great one will make our heart beat a little faster.
This is the edited version of our conversation.
You decided to make the bag right away, and not everyone at the time was hip to the fact that the bag would become so iconic in fashion.
Why is it your bag?
John Truex: I have always been passionate about accessories.
I like handbags, wallets, shoes.
I was collecting even when I was a child. . .
When I was at the University of Cincinnati, a friend of mine gave me some leather and I made a bag with it!
What about you, Richard?
Richard Lambertson: I worked for Gucci in Italy four years before the company was founded.
Then I came to Bergdorf. Goodman)
I was there as creative director and senior vice presidentpresident.
So this is where we started selling ourselves. end business.
But even in those days, there are some fairly difficult behaviors to compete.
Ramberson: From the time we had the first boutique, Bergdorf Goodman, we were sitting in the middle of Fendi, Gucci, and Todd.
Truex: It was really an accessory design.
Accessories designer.
Like Carlos farch.
They are all people who design accessories specifically and are ready nowto-wear driven.
Great changes have taken place in competition.
What do you think?
I like it.
I think an idea is an idea.
There is a unique idea for everyone, and I think there are a lot of people who have these ideas.
Unfortunately, in the world of accessories, as accessories designers, we do not have a ready-made runway platformto-
There are fashion designers.
So it\'s a bit difficult to convey our message.
But from the beginning, your aesthetic is so elegant.
Not to mention accessories for American fashion, this is not what we often see.
How does this develop?
I think it\'s always our taste.
We have never touched the logo.
When we entered the market, the big signs of Dior, Gucci and Prada were everywhere.
We thought, \"who will notice our logo?
It doesn\'t mean anything to us . . . . . . So we just thought about quality and craftsmanship.
How do you define the role of the bag in women\'s wardrobe and women\'s life?
Trux: very personal.
Whether it\'s going to the office or going out for dinner, every woman and man has a different purpose for their accessories.
In the past, it was enough for a woman to have only one great bag.
Or a bag a day, a night.
You really don\'t need a lot.
The same is true of shoes.
But this is definitely not the case now!
Accessories are now an expression, a punctuation mark.
I found that women really like to change handbags and shoes for clothes.
Ramberson: I think that\'s a logical reason why we\'re in Tiffany.
Obviously this is a jewelry company, but handbags have become an extension of the wardrobe for women\'s accessories.
Now, women may not spend as much money on clothing as they used to, because clothing becomes so expensive.
But the investment is in your accessories, shoes and bags. Truex: —
And your jewelry.
Ramberson: no matter what you look like, it will change.
There is a lot of speculation in the entire luxury industry.
Although it has been predicted to be a pessimistic period, there seems to be something intact in the luxury industry.
It almost seems to survive.
Why do you think this is?
Lamberson: I think in this era people see Tiffany as a brand they can trust.
It\'s not going anywhere. It has status.
If it\'s their jeweler, they provide handbags and they will look at them.
It is said that the whole idea of the trend is over.
But what do you say when it comes to the trend of handbags?
Truex: there is always a trend on the color, or on the size of the bag, but there are so many women out there, with so many different personalities, it can\'t just be a silhouette.
We designed soft bag, structured bag, small bag, big bag, clutch, handbag.
Many women are dazzled by so many choices around them.
If we are going shopping this season, what will you tell us?
How does the bag feel?
What do you need?
Did you change your bag?
Do you buy a bag for the whole season or for a year?
How exactly do you work?
This is really a good start.
I always say, bring the bag you already carry with you when you buy a new bag.
Put everything in your bag in the new bag and put it on your shoulder.
Feel it, let it hang and step back.
I think these choices are natural.
Is that the same for men?
Because it\'s obvious that men wear a lot of bags these days.
Guys are tough.
A man with a computer
It\'s all about how he moves and how he works.
He doesn\'t quite like \"match my shoes, match my belt \".
But we do see them go out and invest more color.
We sold very well on the billboard of plum and even Tiffany blue!
I think one likes to take it out of his pocket because you do notice it.
Lamberson: basically, a man buys a wallet and then wears it all the time until it breaks down or his wife says, \"You have to throw that wallet away, dear!
You can\'t take it out again!
Truex: then he still insists! (Laughs)
Richard: The same is true for bags or briefcases.
Men usually wear it until their hands fall off.
I have been taught that you will never wear the same pair of shoes more than twice in a row because they will lose shape because of the moisture in your feet.
I also think that women should change their bags more often than they might, because in this way they will keep in shape.
If you keep these things in your bag all the time, and then keep throwing them on the floor, it becomes a mess.
Jenny Baker is a special editor for Fashion TV stars and hosts.
Email Jenny @ toxic critical value.
Ca, follow her on Twitter @ jeanne _ beker, on CTV, E!
Fashion TV channels.
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