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battle for the overhead bin is as fierce as ever

by:GF bags     2019-09-13
Things too much bin space not enough.
This problem is easy to define for air travelers.
But the solution
Despite the new aviation rulesis not.
Think about what happened to Jeff hybrid, who recently flew from Washington. C.
Fly to Los Angeles by United Airlines
When passengers boarded the plane before him, they stuffed their heavy coats into the bin overhead, although the flight attendants begged them not to do so.
Not stop the coat.
Stuffers, the crew simply shut the bin and move on.
\"About the third bin is full of jackets,\" recalls Blend, a lawyer from Washington . \".
\"I\'m sure they can\'t hold all the things they carry with them --on bags.
\"This should not be the case.
United Airlines and other major airlines have recently restricted carrying
On luggage, limit the ability to carry a full set of luggagesize carry-
On the bag for regular economic passengers-
Or better class tickets.
Passengers in the \"basic\" economy class must check in their luggage.
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On the bag to go to the gate, your bag needs to be checked, you need to pay the applicable checked bag fee plus a gate handling fee of $25, the airline issued a warning on its website.
What happened?
The flight attendant does not want to and has-
Passengers are under great pressure.
Despite the small problem with lost luggage, many passengers still do not trust the airline and do not want to pay more for their luggage.
The whole thing looks so unfair that air travelers feel it is reasonable to bend or break the new baggage rules.
Evelyn Spencer, a travel agency from Pa Chadds Ford.
He recalled the recent flight of American Airlines from Philadelphia to Rome.
She boarded the plane with the regulations. size carry-
But a flight attendant stopped her and said the plane was full.
\"I said I had the right to carry one --
Because I was one of the first people to board, I had issues with what others told me, \"she said.
\"The flight attendant asked me if I had a problem because I kept on boarding.
She said, well, you can bring your carry-on luggage with you. on.
\"The crew was under tremendous pressure during boarding to get everyone on the plane on board quickly.
Sometimes, allowing passengers to slide an extra bag into the overhead bin is to get to on-time departure.
In addition, passengers do not trust the airline despite the loss of less luggage (only 2.
4 out of every 1,000 passengers in 2017, compared to 2.
According to the Ministry of Transport, 7 points the year before).
It is expected that if an airline charges for checked baggage --
We can charge another $2.
2 billion a year from US-
They can track our luggage at least.
So, before this attrition rate is close to zero, people will still try to bring everything on the plane, including the kitchen sink.
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The airline added a larger suitcase and imposed new restrictions on carry-on
But they are still losing the space war.
\"This is happening every day,\" said Joshua zuaft Ford, a flight attendant at a New York-based airline.
\"Since we started charging for checked baggage at the lowest fare, people have been doing as much as possible.
Plus people put jackets and small items in the overhead bin, we often run out of space on the entire flight.
\"The airline\'s solution is easy: stop charging for checked baggage.
Reduce the number of passengers dragging their luggage and allow all to board the plane faster and under less pressure.
Don\'t put your crew in trouble for God\'s sake
Win during boarding.
Passengers can also play a role.
Bring the smallest carry-on
It can hold all your gear.
Don\'t apply for extra space for your coat in the box before everyone has a chance to store a bag.
Don\'t try to play with this system, it will only hurt your passengers.
How to get around the new carry-on
All of this fits into your \"personal\" project according to the rules.
This is defined as a shoulder bag, wallet, laptop bag or other small items (9 inch x 10 inch x 17 inch or less (
Thanks for the measurements of United).
You will be surprised that you can put in a \"personal\" item and most importantly, most airlines will not charge you a fee.
Use the baggage check-in service.
Companies such as baggage forwarding and many other similar services will send your luggage in advance at a price.
Continental flights start at around $79.
The extra money may be worth peace of mind.
The first to board and get the right ticket.
Avoid the \"basic\" economy
Air tickets and discounts for airlines such as Allegiant, Frontier and Spirit that need to pay extra shippingon items.
Many airlines will also allow you to pay extra for early boarding, which helps to make sure you don\'t have to board
Check your carry-onon.
Christopher Elliott is a consumer advocate.
Contact him at chris @ elliott.
Organize or visit Elliot. org.
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