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by:GF bags     2019-09-06
Like most Star fans. it"
Alison Kyle, a Sydney fashionista, admits she doesn\'t have enough money to keep up with this expensive trend. But the self-
Frankly Ms. Bao has found a smart way to save face with her fashion friends and save cash on carrying the latest designer accessories.
As a subscriber to a new online loan service, MS Kellar has \"borrowed\" designer packages worth nearly $3000, with a monthly membership fee of just over $100.
The Web library of more than 35 designer handbags of different styles allows users to \"rent\" the latest accessories on special occasions or for long periods of timeterm loan. Melbourne-based Kylie-
Anne Burns launched the Mila and Eddie sites two months ago, and last year\'s \"it\" package cost $2600 --
A Chloe Paddington bag found \"every female student carrying rip in Bali --offs\". Milaandeddie. com.
AU members pay $39 a month.
For packages that retail less than $350, up to $169.
95 allows unlimited access to the \"it\" package, which usually costs more than $2000.
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