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Bag a bargain in Hong Kong

by:GF bags     2019-09-08
Hong Kong is often linked to fakes, but if you know where to find a factory, it is also possible to find real things at a low price.
We started with Zeno\'s in central Lan Kwai Fong, a shop full of all kinds of clothes, hosted by Esther.
There is not much space, clothes are stuffed into the rails, so it takes muscles to browse.
Esther is friendly, helpful and talkative.
Business has been bad for the past three months, but we have been helping.
There is a short, floating Emanuel in the sights (Ungaro)
Evening dress of about 23; a neat gold-
£ 73 color Emanuel set;
Fenn Wright Manson raspberry pink evening top and luxurious long dress for about £ 55;
26 Armani cropped cotton trousers; and Emanuel T-shirts for £6.
Esther is not doing enough for us.
Not the right size and color? She\'ll find it.
Is the neckline a bit too high?
Bust is too tight like below?
\"We can change here, maybe here. . .
\"The cost of the renovation by esther is about $60 or £ 4. 60.
There are seven floors of the Pedder Building On Pedder Street, and we start from the top and go all the way down.
Many stores seem to be closed, but they come and go, so it\'s always worth looking down the way. C-
This is a small shop with tighter packaging.
Here are everything: trousers, skirts, dresses, evening dresses;
Most people carefully cut off the label from the center, leaving an identifiable border.
We found a Nimman Marcus cream silk jacket for £ 16, a banana republic dress for £ 4, and Liz Clapham for £ 8
A blue cotton Ralph Lauren jacket costs £ 24 and a DKNY white silk suit costs £ 66.
Dorothy is in charge of all this excitement and is full of suggestions and ideas, but she becomes shy when it comes to labels.
When I asked her if a certain dress could be attributed to Ralph Lauren, she avoided my eyes.
\"We are just the export of the factory,\" she said . \"\"I don\'t know.
\"So it must be decided by the buyer.
We took the subway to Sanpo Port Industrial Zone to deal with the important problem of underwear.
But what underwear!
On the 13 th floor of an unattractive building, a manufacturer who has made silk underwear for Nimman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue for at least 15 years (
We know who their customers are because there are labels on some outfits).
After asking at the office, we were taken to a very small sales room.
The door was unlocked, the lights and air conditioning were on, and there were two of the most delicious silk pajamas in front of us --
Dresses and camping clothes, pajamas and shorts
Beautifully crafted for no more than 23.
Silk underwear is less than 1 pound.
We\'re drooling.
Next, only the accessories are left in Tsim Sha Tsui.
It\'s like shopping in a Turkish bathroom, we keep walking into the shops and shopping centers and enjoying the air conditioning.
After many inquiries, we found a new euro for Robert and his branch.
He is on the first floor, but the elevator will not stop on the first floor, so we found the door to the stairs next to the consultation desk on the first floor.
We rang the bell and Robert let us in.
He sells all kinds of high
Some quality bags, soft leather, made by an Italian designer in a factory in Shanghai for £ 15£46.
But, most importantly, the bags were made for Dior by the Florence designer.
The difference is that while Dior\'s bag may cost 500, Robert\'s bag is only 73.
It is the exact same package, but there is no Dior CD logo on it.
He also sells Italian shoes under 6 in the UK, although Anne Klein does have two pairs of shoes under 8 at the moment, and two years ago he mistakenly thought the order was coming, he has been trying to sell to big foot people like me for £ 11 since then.
I rejected the offer and he said he thought he would give up but sent them to the British Museum instead.
Our last port of call is Samvo, located in the central alley.
If it is close from the bottom of Li Yuan Street, he is the last bag store you came.
Ignore the booth and ask to see his collection in the basement opposite.
Paul began here at the age of 17 in 1973.
He has two workers in a small factory in Kowloon Bay, who make a neat line in elegant leather handbags and wallets.
Now his price is lower than what we know.
The past two or three months have been painful, he said.
He won\'t make fakes, but his bag is beautifully made and some shapes are very familiar.
He charges about 30 when we go to see him, but I know his request is up to 70.
Before Hong Kong recovered from the SARS virus, start working now.
If there is a good time to shop in Hong Kong, now is.
The flight was cheap, the street was quiet and everyone was very happy to see you and the price was at the bottom.
Clara Chong, executive director of the Hong Kong tourism development bureau, said: \"The government is working together to contain SARS and to take new and continuous preventive measures for the occurrence of any virus in the future.
There\'s a body-
Temperature check for all passengers entering and leaving Hong Kong, must fill in the health declaration form and set up a hotline for those who need information.
In Hong Kong itself, the government has launched a \"clean team\" campaign with zero tolerance and fines for spitting.
It not only significantly improves the look of the streets in Hong Kong, but also improves the hygiene level.
For the first time, restaurant staff and food handlers are advised to wear masks.
Some people believe that wearing masks to provide food may cause panic among tourists.
Fiona Seto, Shangri-La Island (
Hotels with over 550 rooms-
Map occupancy during peak hours of SARS outbreak)
Staff members don\'t wear masks because they want to build confidence and show that they have taken so many precautions that masks are unnecessary, he said.
Clara Chong admits it will take a long time
Long-distance travelers in particular, in order to regain their confidence, but the bureau has prepared many attractions, including the Rolling Stones concert and the football match in Liverpool in October.
There are some good deals at the moment and flights are starting to fill up.
Sir Richard Branson flew to Hong Kong on May 9, just a few weeks before the tour consultation was canceled to prove that it was safe to go there.
\"I am very happy to see that the tourism industry in Hong Kong is booming,\" he said.
\"Virgin Atlantic intends to play a full and positive role in helping to promote it.
Since Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities, I hope we will have more flights to Hong Kong soon. To further promote local economic development and promote its sustainable development as one of Asia\'s most important trade hubs.
\"SARS has had a devastating impact on Hong Kong.
From big hotels to vendors in Stanley market, everyone I talked to was affected.
However, most locals do not wear masks in public places.
During the rush hour, I traveled underground, ate in crowded restaurants and crowded in crowded elevators.
Hong Kong is a safe place.
Especially after the competition between SARS and the rest of China, where shops can be found, but all of them are quite mature.
Zeno fashion Co. , Ltd. , 1st Floor, Block B, zhangman Building, 15-
17 Wyndham StreetCentral C-
No. 2 Hawker building, 205B Hawker Street, Central.
E Pingjin bucket
H, 13/F, Huangjing Industrial Building, No. 2 oay Street, Sanpo, Hong Kong (
Take the subway to Diamond Hill.
Exit at exit A2, Caihong Road.
Walk through the small park to the main road.
Turn right, cross at the first zebra crossing and enter Taiyou Street.
Huang Jing industrial building is directly opposite Huang Fang Street.
Walk in, turn right at the first elevator and walk to the back of the building.
The right elevator is in the back.
On the 13 th floor, open the door to the right and ask in the office if you can check it out in the store. Cash only).
New Euro, floor 1st, Room D, Kee, Kimberley Road (
Just past Austin Avenue)Tsim Sha Tsui.
Sam\'s nest handbag No. 58 East Liyuan Street, Central.
The Hong Kong Tourism Board lists more outlets that may be worth a visit.
Locals also have their favorites.
How to get a good deal to get to Virgin Atlantic (01293 747747; www. virgin-atlantic. com)
Fly daily from Heathrow to Hong Kong.
Shangri-La Island-
Pacific Plaza La Central Supreme Court Road (00852 2877 3838www. shangri-la. com)
Great Harbor
Watch doubles for £ 158 per night.
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