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by:GF bags     2019-09-14
Head to Kamarajar Salai\'s newly opened \"top package\" store to meet all your package needs. The 2,000 sq.
Known as the city\'s largest specialty store, the FT has more than 10,000 bags of different styles, shapes and sizes.
\"Our idea is to provide
Stop shopping for each family member.
From the elderly to teenagers and children, there are bags for everyone\'s taste and needs, \"said. L.
Shop owner Thirumalai.
The top package also has branches in Narimedu and TPK Road.
New stores have multiple stores at the same timebrands and in-
Clutch of complex leather handbag, vanity and jewelry box, Lady purse, office and handbag collection.
Laptops and executive bags for men, loose bags for shopping, chic shoulder bags for women, glittering clutch and shiny wallets for occasions are all available.
In addition, exclusive school bags, lunch boxes and picnic backpacks were prepared for the children.
They have colorful prints with cartoon characters on them.
The top package recently organized a large package expo showing more than 20,000 varieties from Rs to Rs. 100 to Rs. 1,00,000.
The store will offer the same item, and special bags with gold plated and inlaid diamonds and gems will be made to order. V.
Subramanian, a sales person at Nilakottai, who won this special bag after the lucky draw, said, \"We came to madulai to shop and visited the Expo by chance.
We fell in love with these varieties in an instant, but never thought we would win a lakh bag.
Samantha and his newly married wife.
Rajeshwari was very excited.
\"This is Thala Diwali after our wedding and this is the best gift we can imagine,\" Rajeshwari said . \" He now shows his bags neatly at her house.
The new store also launched a series of products to attract tourists.
Carts and suitcases of different kinds and sizes, stylish backpacks and backpacks are optional.
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