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Gaofeng bags is the leading designer backpack, wallet, and backpack manufacturer in China with over 20 years of experience in the industry. High-Quality custom luxury bags made at competitive prices.

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Custom & quality backpack manufacturing easy & accessible.


We are a bag manufacturing leader in the fashion industry. This article will provide all the information you need about finding a good backpack manufacturer, from the first step (product design) to the final production. We are an China backpack manufacturer that works for young designers, start-up and established companies sharing its know-how acquired from years of experience in various products.

Since 2000 A backpack Manufacturer That Offers Different Services
  • #1CAD design and tech packs,
  • #2pattern development, design services and backpack design,
  • #3ODM & OEM services,
  • #4Study on the latest trends,
  • #5Analysis and selection of the best leather and sourcing services,
  • #6Quality control team,
  • #7Competitive prices, minimum quantity and short time,

Make Your Creative Ideas Life


Share your projects and design with us, and we’ll work with you together to bring them to life.
We take care of developing your ideas and spearheading the backpack manufacturing process, so that you have one less worry, and can focus on marketing and building your brand.


We have our own model room, 20+ professional masters, no matter what you need to do with your bag, your ideas will definitely be able to become reality.


Gf bags is a professional backpack manufacturer and backpack suppliers. The China factory produces high-quality men’s and women’s bags, developing private label backpack for wholesalers, luxury shops, companies and start-ups. We offer our customers a design phase (bag designer) and production drawings in a fast lead time. Above all, if we need to customize your products, from hardware to leather or logo, our team is ready to assist you in finding the best solution based on your needs.

What Is A Backpack Manufacturer?
  • #1Tote bags
  • #2Duffle bags
  • #3Bucket bags
  • #4Satchel bags
  • #5Crossover bags
  • #6Clutch bags
  • #7Shoulder bags
  • #7Laptop bags
  • #8Crossbody bags
  • #9Messenger bags
  • #9Purses
  • #10Waist bags
  • #11Cosmetic bags
  • #12Backpacks


Several difficulties and factors exist behind a sketch, a draw, or a collection, from leather choice to hardware to the final sample. At our factory, every single phase is carefully controlled by our artisans. They have years of expertise in backpack production.So if we notice wrong info from the tech pack or a not precise detail, our way to work is to recontact the customer asap.

Our philosophy is evident. Indeed a bag, a sample must be perfect, and above all, it must satisfy customer requests.

Find the style/material ideas and choose the suitable thing for your developments
  • #Elegant
  • #Animal Print
  • #Vintage
  • #Plain Color
  • #Suede/Nubuck
  • #Retro Two-color
  • #Animal Special
  • #Metallic
  • #Pull-up & Brushed
  • #More . . .
  • #PU
  • #PVC
  • #rPET
  • #Genuine Leather
  • #Pebbled Leather
  • #Suede Leather
  • #Fluo Leather
  • #Eco-friendly leather
  • #Patent & Embossed Leather
  • #More . . .

Choose the style and material you want

We offer our customers a design phase (bag designer) and production drawings in a fast lead time. Above all, if we need to customize your products, from hardware to leather or logo, our team is ready to assist you in finding the best solution based on your needs..

World's Leading Industry Corporation!

Why Choose Gf Bags
Manufacturing Backpack

Your success is important to us. From sample development to order-making, where we do all the hard work or provide individual services to help you with a specific manufacturing need. Gf bags is your number one destination for ladies designer backpack manufacturing.









Clients and us

Since 2001, our factory started to make series of products for Dönges, such as Military backpack, Police bag, Rescue blanket and Warning vest. For over 20 years, we have consistently provided Dönges with quality products more than 1000 items. We will remain offer good services, continue into the next generation.
GF established business relationship with A&R from 2010, since then lots of products ( back upholstery & seat upholstery & back fixation & bags ) had been developed and produced for bulk till now ( also for future ). In 2018, head cover has been developed successfully. In 2019, breathing mask has been well designed and sell on market from over the world. In 2021, carry system has been developed and produced for bulk on the next stage. GF not only develop and produce for A&R, but also grow together with “ you”!
In 2016,this new brand at Germany launched the world’s first luggage with a removable charging function. The Front Pocket on it was made by us. In 2017, more and more products came out with the fast growing of HORIZN STUDIOS' team, Laptop Case, Wash Bag, Backpack, Weekend Bag, etc. In 2018, when their product manager, Everett Bleakney Joined in, we studied together and finally made the Front Pocket with welding technology, which looks more three-dimensional. Till 2022, HORIZN STUDIOS has cooperated with many brands, such as NASA,BMW, Habitas and Mercedes Benz, the range of products is increasing a lot, also the materials fabric. As an excellent brand, HORIZN STUDIOS is very strict for products quality, We have purchased a lot of equipment successively and constantly improve our QC system.

Our Brand Partners

They are our friends, our partners, we progress together, develop together, we look forward to achieving success with you.

Our story begins with your inquiry

Here are the important steps how we work together and
make your ideas to life and make sure all the stuff are wonderful

Send Inquiry To Us

After submitting your inquiry, our experts will discuss your backpack requirements and make sure whether we can bring your ideas to life.

Designs Communication

We will work out on your backpack designs and send you a custom price estimate for your project. In the mean time, we have to talk about the estimate order quantity.

Product Development

We will start the styles of paper mould making and buy the suitable leather or PU for your designs and will send them to you for selection. It would take 7-15 days on making samples.

Bulk Production

Once you are satisfied with the backpack samples, we will begin bulk production. If needed, you will receive pre-production samples.

Quality Checks & Control

When the backpack production is complete, our quality control team will inspect the backpacks to ensure there are no issues. We will solve all the production issues before the products are sent to the packaging department.

Packing and Shipping

We’ve come to the final part! Here, we will help you handle the shipping paperwork and find the best ways for your products to be shipped to your address. 

Latest Bags

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What they are asking

  • What is the minimum quantity I can order?

    The minimum order requirements are 300 pieces per COLOUR for 1 DESIGN and 300 pieces per ORDER.

    We accept smaller MOQs, which are usually slightly more expensive.

  • What Are The Sample and Order Lead Times?

    It usually take 7-15 days months to be completed samples. Production lead time would be 45 days.

  • What Are Your Shipping Options?

    We offer different delivery options to suit your budget or requirement.

    We use various shipping providers like DHL, FedEx, UPS and & trusted freight forwarders to ship your orders by either air or sea freight.

    For orders weighing above 100kg/300 pieces, we offer sea freight options to certain countries.

    Do note that delivery time varies by delivery location and sea freight takes longer than air freight for delivery.

  • I can't find the type of bag I want here, can you produce it?

    Of course, we have our own factory and can do all types of bags.

  • Are you a factory?

    Yes, we are a factory, and we can make your design come true with the best quality at the most reasonable price.

  • Can I visit your factory?

    Of course, we invite you to visit our factory and we would like to discuss your project with you face to face.

What they are asking

  • If I have my thoughts, do you have person to design according to my concept?

    Yes, our design team is willing to do for you.

  • What's your main market?

    We self exported to Europe, Asia and America.

  • Is your factory certified?

    Yes, our factory has passed SGS certification, Sedex certification

  • Can you produce with the materials I provide?

    Of course you can, we have similar clients who do this.

  • I have no relevant industry experience, can you help me with my business?

    Yes, we have professional business managers to provide you with one-on-one service and one-stop solutions for you.

  • Any other questions?

    Don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry, we will reply as soon as possible.

Let's Make amazing stuff Together

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We are pleased to invite you to our factory in China where we can meet personally and develop your new project.

If you can’t come to China, we invite you to start a video conference, visit our factory and realize your great projects together.

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