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by:GF bags     2019-09-20
The weight of the backpack food has always been a problem and you will carry everything on your back.
Some people will tell you to find ways to lose weight in other areas and advocate the need for healthy food.
However, my experience tells me that we can enjoy lighter food on short trips without worrying about healthy food.
In the Sierra Mountains, I ate more than 60 granola bars in five days without any adverse effects.
No stove means lighter packaging and it is very convenient not to cook.
Of course, I usually supplement my fashion backpack diet with berries and other wild foods, so it may not be that unhealthy.
Each of us is unique.
I won\'t suffer when I don\'t have a cooked meal, but you can.
There isn\' t a dresssize-fits-
All solutions to the packaged food problem.
You have to balance weight/health/taste/cost issues in your own way.
However, please consider the following points when making your choice.
The lightest food is the most calories per ounce.
Pure fat wins competition (oil) followed by high fat
Fatty foods (nuts), low moisture carbohydrates (granola sticks), protein (beef jerky), followed by bread, fruits, vegetables, etc.
For example, nuts are 50% calories more per pound than pure sugar due to their fat content.
Look at the label.
Choose the food you like, but choose foods with higher calories depending on your weight.
In this way, you get the energy you want, the energy your body needs, and keep it light.
I usually plan to consume about 3000 calories a day.
It\'s not enough (I\'m 6 and 160 pounds), so I\'ll lose a pound or two for a weekend trip. Bringing high-
Calorie foods like mixed nuts (2700/lb) and cornflakes (2100/lb) I can eat about 20 ounces a day.
For a four-day trip, I will carry around £ 5 pounds.
Have a big meal before you go, and you can carry less food (although you will bring it with you anyway ).
If you know which berries to eat along the trail, you can lose weight.
When I was hiking in Colorado, I had a break and had a raspberry.
For a healthier trip, try this: have a big salad before and after you leave.
If you also eat berries and herbs on the road, you can concentrate on bringing only light backpack food, and your health will not be affected.
A more obvious option is to spend money.
Enough money for you to enjoy your nutritionPackaging, calories
You have plenty of food throughout your walking tour.
Try bee pollen, lung-active, raw nuts and seeds, syrup, dried papaya
I can go on, but you see.
Finally, don\'t forget to freeze-
Dry food and other traditional backpack food.
They may not necessarily be healthy or very expensive, but they are really convenient and delicious.
You can always pack Ramen if you want cheap food.
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