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backpacker wanted to travel to australia but ended up in canada – after flying to the wrong sydney

by:GF bags     2019-09-26
A Dutch backpacker found that when he found himself in Canada rather than Australia, there was more than one Sydney in the world.
Milan shipper, from Amsterdam, only made a one-lap turn and when the plane was about to land, he was heading to Sydney in Nova Scotia, not Sydney in New South Wales.
\"I thought I was going to Australia, but it turned out a little different,\" said 18. year-
He told Radio Canada.
Like many Europeans before him, SPIP intends to stay under him for a year.
\"I plan to go on a backpacking trip, work there and enjoy the land.
He may not be going to the first clue of a city of 5 million people.
The average travel temperature here is 25 degrees Celsius, but more precisely, there are 31,000 people here. 5C was balmy —
Is the fare.
Other tickets from Amsterdam to Australia were priced at 1000 euros North, while Mr Schipper snapped up tickets to Sydney for less than 800 euros.
It was a good deal, he thought, so he jumped on the plane happily.
Host Carol Off asked him when he began to think something was not right.
\"Well, it\'s late --
I was already in Toronto . \"
\"I saw the plane. to Sydney]
It\'s really small.
So I think, can you go to Australia?
Still, he boarded a small jet from Air Canada, but not only did people feel that everything was fine.
\"I checked the screen on my front seat and I saw that the flight plan was from right to left.
\"That was when I realized there was another Sydney,\" Mr Schipper said . \".
\"I think it\'s terrible.
I think I made an oath in my head for about 10 minutes.
But there\'s nothing I can do because I\'m already in the air.
It is shocking that Mr. Schipper said that he was not the only one who made the same mistake on a small terminal.
He said he met another woman from the United States who also thought she was going to Australia and she found herself in northern Canada.
When asked if she had a sense of humor about her similar predicament, Mr Schipper did not think so.
\"But I didn\'t at the time,\" he said . \".
Sydney, Canada is located in the charming Cape Breton and is known for its hiking.
But Mr Schipper said he only saw the parking lot and then went back to Toronto and then to Amsterdam where his dad picked him up from the airport.
\"He felt very sorry for me, but he thought that only I could do such a thing.
However, this is a glimmer of hope for impetuous backpackers.
As compensation for his mainland ratio error, in order to help him on the way, the airline provided him with a free ticket to Sydney.
Sydney, Australia.
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